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Dry Release Claims...

I have to contest the claim that Gaiaku Uchiha is the only known manipulator of sand. Suna has several sand users. And I am terribly confused as to why such a claim would ever have been made in the first place.

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From what I have been told it applies to the Biju and the powers granted from the Biju. If it was otherwise then I don't think it would have been frowned upon when Rank used the 3-tails to enhance her suiton. I was told, from a GM, that such was not allowed cause it was not a cannon trait. So why should this be any different? Sand Manipilation, which is not a 'cannon' KG or Release but rather strictly a Biju power, shouldn't be able to have custom upgrades in my thoughts. 

Regardless I am waiting to hear from two of the GM about the issue. 

ShinoKyo wrote:
I don't really see much a problem here. Everything falls in line.

But I think the real question is: Can a former-Jinchuriki keep their former-Bijuu's Tailed Beast Skill(s)?

Edit: Those two beat me to it by a minute. >>;

In all honesty, I don't believe that a former Jinchuriki deserves to keep their former Tailed Beast Skills (except for the Shukaku's sand manipulation skills like the canon series has displayed).

Also, like the anonymous wikia contributer stated, the sand manipulation isn't really an element affinity that everyone can use. Particularly those from Sunagakure.


Whether or not to keep the TBS(Tailed Beast Skill) is up to those who the person RP with. As for Sand being a KG, it isn't. It is a TBS and, in SL, and element for Suna Shinobi. Because of this it cannot be a KG and, if a KG is required for a KT, then you cannot have a KT. However, a KT is a combination of three elements and, from what I remember, does not require a KG.


Things don't seem to be going anywhere anytime right now. So here's my view on this.

Tailed Beast Skills - They are useable only by those who host a Tailed Beast within themselves. Previous hosts are unable to utilize these skills. Gaara's case of having sand control after Shukaku was extracted is due to plot reasons, mainly being because of his mother.

Sand Control - It's a Tailed Beast Skill granted by hosting Shukaku. Not a KG, KT or learnable element.

Due to this issue, I believe that we need to establish what Tailed Beasts give what skills to their hosts. I've also seen some previous hosts claim a few things here and there that they've apparently inherited from having a Tailed Beast before. This could become problematic, as someone can continually host and unhost a Tailed Beast one after another, granting them every single Tailed Beast Skill inexistence, without ever having to host them again.


Surely Tailed Beast Skills are not only obtainable in this manner...Look at Rokubi and the Acid Release...

Additionally: I think that for SL it is just going to have to be altered. Too many Suna nins have been using this power for too many YEARS...for it just to be pulled out from underneath them like this. i am not opposed to certain Jutsu being Beast specific...but the entire power? I think not.

It would be like ...well comparable to insisting that all prior hosts die during extraction of the innovative proceedures permitted that prevent death or whatever...


As Kaye has stated. Many Suna nin have been using Sand Release for to long to just have it taken away from us. Myself included. While he should not have the TBS that doesnt mean SUnaton should be voided altogether 


Adds some points taken from the clan discussion concerning Sunaton and this KT that are not already mentioned here by somebody else...[severly paraphrased]

1] This is not a KG or TBS...Kankuro and Temari have been shown to use sand in jutsu

                       ~CJ of The Desert

2] Anyone ever see that sand is not like other elemental jutsu that create the element in use? Sand just manipulated what was there. More lilke puppetry. Gaara's dad basically did the same thing with the Gold Particles he manipulated.

                       ~Silver Moonfire

And I think that The KT just needs to be rewritten. I do not believe the Sunaton is a TBS or a KG either. I was always under the assumption it was derived from the blending of Wind and earth. But as Silver says, sand is not made...just manipulated so...perhaps then puppetry is more like it, that being the infusion of chakra into the particles much like chakra threads are used on the puppets. w/e the case...

I think the KT needs to be rewritten somehow. If Sunaton is claimed as one third of its base then not as a TBS from the bijuu. I don't think old hosts should retain a TBS nor do I believe Sunaton is a TBS. It would have to be learned and training to for the purposes of the bijuu match in is my opinion the TK should be voided and reposting occur or the match restart.

At any rate...Suna uses this jutsu and is not going to be rewritting years of characters and RP to accomodate what we believe to be faulty logic pertaining to its usage. I hope that clarifies our stance upon the fall out of this topic and how it will impact Suna's warriors.


To clarify, Temari, Kankuro, Sasori, and other Suna Nin have used sand to agument their own jutsu. Specifically in Kankuro and Sasori's cases they have been shown in manga chapters 42 and 213 to cover their puppets in a layer of sand almost like Suna no Yoroi. Although it obviously doesn't provide the protection like that of Gaara's technique, is it sand manipulation used to hide the true nature of their puppets. Nor are they expected to be on the level of Gaara, who was a host to the Ichibi and used only sunaton jutsu. They simply used minor sand manipulation to agument their own needs.

So there is your precedent in canon for Suna shinobi using sand manipluative techniques. And of course with all the stupid things that's been approved in SL over the years why take away one of the staples and limit the roleplay of a few collective ninja.

What this pertains to the KT at hand I leave for the rest of you to decide.



I don't believe anyone was sayign that Sand should not be used by Shinobi of Sunagakure... it is a 'tool' they use, similar to leaves known to Konohagakure, according to the narutopedia. 

I don't believe any Sand Shinobi should be stopped from using a tool that is a big asset to thier village. However, the scale of manipilation known to the Jinchuriki of Shukaku is much more versitle. I mean the host can manipilate sand without hand seals, on a gaint scale, and to just a higher degree in total. 

Sand Manipilation is not a KG or a release. Sand is just a tool used by Sand Shinobi. But to say that the degree of manipilation one has over it granted by the One-Tail isn't a TBS is rather rediculous in my opinion. 

This level of Sand Manipilation would be a TBS and therefor not avaliable to advancing due to the tampering rule. Also if the person strictly learns Sand Manipilation from the Biju that makes it a TBS. 

This KT is derived from a TBS. I am not sayign the entire concept of the KT is not usable, but it should not be carried out through manipilating sand. I'd say physical contact yes. 

Also if this is possible and all that jive where does the water go? Sense it is absorbed from whatever I take it the sand absorbs it? So the sand would become wet then correct? Which would slow it down sense wet sand is heavier then dry sand. 

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  • Kankurō used sand to disguise his puppets, allowing him to make his puppets appear as another person, or as himself, to trick enemies into attacking his puppets instead of him.
  • In the anime, Sasori also used sand to make a clone of himself as shown during his fight with Kankurō when he escaped from Black Ant.
  • In the anime, Temari also utilised sand in her Dust Wind Technique to cause her opponent to lose their footing in battle.
  • Due to the versatility of sand as a weapon, the Third and Fourth Kazekage both crafted their own imitations of sand manipulation via the use of their Magnet Release kekkei genkai to manipulate iron and gold dustrespectively.
  • Earth Release users can also manipulate sand in some instances, as seen in the effects of Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique.

It seems sand is used in a supplementary fasion as far as canon wise goes. Besides the Clone (which I believe is filler) sand was used as an object and not really manipilated in the fasion of a release or anything. If it was able to be manipilated to the degree a host of the One-Tail can do it then I would think the Kazekage's would not have had to devolope similar jutsu via the Magnetic Release. 

"Sand (砂, Suna), is a versatile material, most often employed by the shinobi originating from Sunagakure forvarious purposes, including numerous supplementary functions ranging from concealment to disguise. However, the tool itself rose to prominence in the hands of thejinchūriki of Shukaku, whom acquired the ability to manipulate sand through the beast, with the most renowned amongst these being Gaara."

Once again, I just have to believe that Sand Manipilation on a Gaara level is a TBS. 


Given the flow of the arguements here I'm just going to drop Dry Release as a KT (and hence, have the battle with Uetto voided and planned for a later date with differentiating conditions to the previous one); I have a replacement KT in mind to replace it anyway (which is more or less just an extension to Ice Release).

Gaiaku will however retain the ability to manipulate sand. If that cannot be seen as acceptable (because of his TBS-nonsense), then I will wind up making a refutation by anology as to why such a verdict is downright ludicrous, and this thread will wind up closed within a few nonsensical responses to it.

If nobody has anything to add to this, then I will close this thread and you can contact me further on-site or start a new thread seeing as Dry Release will be of no more after this comment.

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