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Bijuu Rules

I think that this needs to be defined a bit more. Since the SL forum is belly up for some reason, here is as good a place as any I suppose.

These rules do not look like what was on the forum. I am not certain about that, but those over there were not exactly perfect either so I suppose it doesn't matter.

Issue number 1.........

I feel that someone who challenges a host and loses should not get to challenge that same host again for a whole month, not just one week. Maybe even two months. He could challenge someone else instead or work on training to be better.

A host has one week between matches...of grace period....if he chooses it. And that is not listed here. I know that is different than the rules on the forum and suspect there are others.

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Ain Soph Aur

It's pretty much a deathmatch, though. So really if the challenger loses, wouldn't it make sense for the defending jinchuuriki to kill them so that they cannot issue any further challenges?

Though it's a different case when alts are drawn into the equation, in which I think that they should not be permitted the right to issue another challenge for as you've suggested Kay, two months or possibly more. If that's too long, then challengers should attain the guile to prepare thoroughly and know full well the circumstances of losing.