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Quit taking my stuff.

I was talking to Shadow on FB and he mentioned that someone claimed Decay Release on me and so I got curious and checked the wiki only to find that half of the recent change list is people taking my stuff or Kamui adding himself to claims and for some reason removing Bocch when that still isn't a character he owns. Stop? I'm going to change back all the illegitimate claims that I can see. If you're not able to contact me off of SL to ask about using one of my jutsu then you're not one of the few people I've decided to stay in contact with, and you're not going to get them, so sorry. If anyone sees I've missed any edits after the slew I make today feel free to mention it in this topic so I can change those too. 

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I'm pretty sure that Bocchiere's claims have expired awhile back due to the character's inactivity, same would apply to Taumaster's techniques and these were claimed subsequently after this thread in the forums started; I figured it was something your buddy, Shadow forgot to mention. (,8419.msg221181.html#new)

As far as I figured the character known as 'Bocchiere' is long gone from the server of Shionogi Legends and I don't see why this is an issue for someone whom supposedly quit this game. It's more bragging rights then anything and that's very petty reason to hoard something when your character is not even using it.

If I really wanted to be an ass, I could just take 'Channel' and remake it into 'Bocchiere' but sadly that character has no interest to me; it was merely a stepping stone for what I thought would overtake me as a villain. Stop? I would if I was within reason to do so, meaning if the character still existed, I would leave the claims as it is. I'm certain sooner or later, someone is gonna start removing inactive characters from the list and it won't be me that is getting blamed for it.

So... yeah, have a nice day Robert. Don't choke, buddy. :)


It wasn't. I'm not talking about canon claims. If you'd look at the link you posted which (as usual) refutes what you're claiming, you'd see Shadow clarifying that you cannot claim custom jutsu, ever, which is what I am talking about. Though like I said there's no reason to remove me from any of the claims, you can just add yourself. if you feel the need to remove Bocchiere from claims he still has, maybe in a feeble attempt to erase your many past failures, fine, I'll readd them should I ever return sometime down the line. 

Funny though, you weren't claiming Bocchiere didn't exist when you tried to claim him as an Edo Tensei zombie after I explicitly told you the sale did not include the Bocchiere character. Glad to see you're still a liar and a hypocrite, in addition to being an idiot, it's somewhat nostalgiac to see how some things never change. 

I had to give up Edo Tensei back when I first had it and Shinro returned from inactivity to reclaim it. Your character doesn't cease to exist just because you've stopped rping. Do I have any plans to return to the site in mind? No. But that doesn't mean I won't ever, and at no point does your character just cease to exist in rp (outside of your own will) because you went inactive. Akatsuki members rp'd that I suddenly vanished in rp, not that I never existed.

Do us all a favor, AJ, and choke on my cock the next time you're blowing me. 

Love, Your Dom,



LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. You mad? No,'re mad. :)


AJ you're a fucking joke, stop.


I...err..did stop. Don't see why it's being instigated more then it is now. Unless... both of you are just that salty about the past and what-not.

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