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• 4/7/2018

Crediting Artists (IMPORTANT)

Given the recent events regarding the use of images here in the wiki, we are requiring everyone to properly credit the source of the artworks used in profiles and other pages. Please state in your articles (preferably at the bottom part as a note) who the artist is and link it back to their original source. Also, before using any images from the internet, make sure that the artist allows use for his/her work in any way; please get their permission if it is needed.

If you need any help regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to ask the admins for any aid.
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• 11/9/2018

Ok, hello, sorry I dont know where I can ask about it but what can I do if one person uses my pictures without my permission? can I report this person somehow or what?

• 11/13/2018

Hi there. Sorry for responding late. As for your question, if said person did not get the permission of the artist, either the person gets the artist's consent and credit them for their work. We aim to give credit to all of the works here. There's also the possibility of the image be pulled down if said person ignores the warning.

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