(暁, Ōmagatoki; Literally meaning "Dusk")


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Ōmagatoki (暁; Literally meaning "Dusk" or "Nightfall") is an organization that operates inside a mountain somewhere within the center of the Five Great Shinobi villages. Previously it was known as a group of revolutionaries, who fought for peace but after many long years of fighting, their idea of peace was warped. Now they seek destruction in order to carry out their vision for the world. "Peace" will be found by any means necessary.

The group's logo is the Hamsa, depicting the open right hand, an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in many times throughout history, the hamsa is believed to provide defense against evil. Sabumaru believes his clan offers protection from the unknown of the world, and opted to use this logo for that reason. The foundation of this organization is shrouded in great mystery and recently the world came to knew the true terror of the group, thanks to their terrorist attack on Otogakure.


Ōmagatoki has a single leader and members varying in power, rank and strength; there is also some special cases in the organization.

These "Big Brothers" are the baddest of the bad, the most loyal and strongest members of Ōmagatoki. They are personally trusted by the clan's leader with the most important missions and information, and are some of the highest ranking members next to the leader.

Kyodai are chosen by the current leader, Sabumaru . Once given the position, they are assigned one or more Shatei (little brother), though they have the option to choose their own. The Shatei work and learn directly under their Kyodai.

Existing outside the chain of command is another individual, one who does not operate much within the aims and goals of the group. At least not in a manner known to them.

Current Kyodai

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