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Ōtsutsuki Clan

Otsutsuki Clan

(大筒木一族, Ōtsutsuki Ichizoku)


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The Ōtsutsuki clan (大筒木一族, Ōtsutsuki Ichizoku) is an ancient clan of horned celestial beings (天津人, amatsubito). After the arrival of one of the clan members on Earth a millennium ago, the Ōtsutsuki began having a lasting influence on the human population, notably starting the history of shinobi.


In distant time, mankind fought countless battles, leaving the earth soaked in blood. A tree would grow from the blood of the deceased, getting attention of the Ōtsutsuki clan, as it bore a fruit of great power. Princess Kaguya, leader of the clan, would later consume the fruit to transcend and bring peace using her unrivalled power. Seen as a deity by people and called the Rabbit Goddess (卯の女神, Usagi no Megami), Kaguya settled down amongst them, as she would eventually get pregnant and bear twin sons. However, Kaguya had grown despotic, the power having clouded her judgment, resorting to control mankind by force, something which would change her public image of a benevolent goddess into that of a demon (鬼, oni). In a fit of jealousy that her children had inherited her chakra, Kaguya merged with the Shinju to turn against her own sons in a form of the monstrous Ten-Tails. After a fierce battle, with Hagoromo and Hamura standing victorious, the tailed beasts were made from her chakra, with her body sealed to form the core of a celestial body that would be known as the Moon. Hamura succeeding leadership of the clan later departed along with the rest of the Ōtsutsuki to the moon in order to guard their late princess (something they weren't aware of, thinking it to be the Shinju), while Hagoromo would stay in order to spread chakra to the humanity and teach them the concept of Ninshū.


As one of the original people who have received chakra, the strength of it as extremely strong and in massive quantities compared to most shinobi. The kekkei genkai, most importantly the three great Dōjutsu originated in this clan with the Byakugan, Sharingan, and Rinnegan being wielded by members of the clan. Presumably, they also were able to wield Shikotsumyaku. Most of the members are born with the Byakugan, which they would seal into the Tenseigan Energy Vessel, the clan's ultimate weapon.

As the originator of puppet, they also showed have advanced knowledge in mechanical engineering, as they capable to create various type of puppets and know how to control them for first time in history. Interestingly, instead of chakra threads, they directly control their puppets using the power of the Energy Vessel. Their puppets also work independently in various tasks, making their puppet abilities somehow equivalent with real-life robots.

Through a specific connection to Hamura's child, one member is able to gather Natural energy passively, unlike most Shinobi who must remain still and manually gather the energy.

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