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Ajisai Uzumaki (うずまき紫陽花 Uzumaki, Ajisai)



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Gender Female Female

  • Part I: 12
  • Part II: 15

155.6 cm

Blood type



  • "Kirigakure" is not in the list of possible values (Allied Shinobi Forces, Akatsuki, Root) for this property.
    Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure
  • "Sunagakure" is not in the list of possible values (Allied Shinobi Forces, Akatsuki, Root) for this property.
    Sunagakure Symbol Sunagakure

Uzumaki Symbol Uzumaki Clan


Ninja Rank

Academy Student


Ajisai Uzumaki (うずまき紫陽花 Uzumaki, Ajisai) is a young girl born in Kirigakure who has moved and settled in Sunagakure.


Ajisai was born to two Uzumaki parents who originally hailed from Uzushiogakure before migrating, after their village's destruction, to Kirigakure. She was raised very sheltered from the outside world and hidden from outsiders who may exploit her for her lineage.


Ajisai has gained a significant amount of intelligence over the years due to her love of books, which have provided her with an amazing vocabulary, an active imagination, and an open mind. She is very confident and outspoken in her opinions, and seldom likes being told what to do. Despite all this, she does not have very many friends due to her smarts and being a free thinker.


Ajisai has dark eyes and long, straight red hair which she wears with a white band. She also wears a purple, sleeveless kimono blouse with yellow trimmings held close by a traditional obi with a long, streaming bow tied to it, mesh armor underneath it and a short white skirt. She prefers to travel barefoot.


Ajisai is quite a capable kunoichi.

Bukijutsu & Fūinjutsu Prowess

Ajisai is a weapons-user who specialises in mostly long-range attacks. She mostly uses her weapons to corner her enemies, supporting and covering her team. Ajisai carries a plethora of small projectile weapons, which she would store inside a number of hand-sized scrolls.


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