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  • Haishiro Enishi
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This blade was once a weapon created for usage by specialized ROOT/ANBU members with the help of the Phoenixes. This weapon was crafted by some of the most durable metals that could be obtained. The special ability of this weapon, though is the fact that it has the ability to store katon chakra within a special compartment; which can be used later.

By twisting a secret switch upon the bottom of the weapon, the stored up katon chakra is released into the weapon so that it can become super-heated, granting it the ability to easily slice through other metals like butter. The stored chakra dissipates over time, meaning that it can not hold a single charge longer than six hours.

When under direct influence of Katon chakra, a thick coat of fire covers the blade which seemingly makes it look like it truly is made of sheer flames. When in this form, not only can the flames been extended and used as a whips of soft, but waves of Katon can be released as well. This blade is at the pinnacle of fire usage when it is in the hands of a skilled owner.

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