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(暁, Akatsuki; Literally meaning "Dawn, Daybreak")

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Akatsuki (暁; Literally meaning "Dawn" or "Daybreak") is an organization within Amegakure which deals with external affairs. It was previously known as a group of revolutionaries, which had opposed to Second Amekage and took part as one side of the Amegakure Civil War. They eventually became victorious and took over the leadership of the village. Afterwards they had disbanded, with many members fading into obscurity.


Member Status Position Village of Origin
Sycic - Leader (Retired) Unknown
Kage Uchiha Active Leader Amegakure
Bocchiere Deceased Juggernaut Kirigakure
Styx Uchiha Active Universal Sensor Amegakure
Kamen Ryū Deceased Informant Konohagakure
Yasaka Uchiha Deceased - Amegakure
Amsterdam Inactive - Iwagakure


Common attire of members.

Akatsuki members have a very distinctive wardrobe, which could give them away if a village is alerted of their presence. Members wear long, dark cloaks with a red interior, and a chin-high collar. Veteran members of the Akatsuki of old bear red clouds upon their robe which represent the rain of blood that fell in Amegakure during its wars, and are seen as a symbol of justice. Members may wear a conical straw hat with small ornamental torques and tassels hanging down over their faces. The hats may be used to move around in the general population unnoticed, or for when the weather requires one. Everyone also wears a ring with a kanji on different fingers depending on who their rank and position.

Akatsuki Rings and Ring Positions

Main article: Akatsuki Ring

What seems to be most important, however, are their rings. In total, there are ten different rings given to members of Akatsuki. The rings apparently signify one's membership and ring position. The rings' exact purpose have not been revealed.

The various rings are:

  • Right thumb: 零 (rei, "zero"); worn by Kage Uchiha. Its colour is purplish-grey and symbolizes the leader.
  • Right index finger: 青 (Ao, shō, "blue," "green"); worn by Senju members. Its colour is teal.
  • Right middle finger: 白 (bya, "white"); It is currently worn by Styx Uchiha. Its colour is white.
  • Right ring finger: 朱 (shu, "vermilion," "scarlet"); worn by Uchiha members. Its colour is red.
  • Right little finger: 亥 (gai, "sign of the boar"); It is currently not worn. Its colour is green.
  • Left little finger: 空 (kū, "sky," "void"); It is currently not worn. Its colour is slate blue.
  • Left ring finger: 南 (nan, "south"); It is currently not worn. Its colour is yellow.
  • Left middle finger: 北 (hoku, "north"); It is currently not worn. Its colour is dark green.
  • Left index finger: 三 (san, "three"); It is currently not worn. Its colour is orange.
  • Left thumb: 玉 (gyoku, "jewel," "ball," also the black king in shogi); It is currently not worn. Its colour is purple.

Eight of the ten kanji of the rings are taken from a kuji-in (Nine Syllable Seals): a collection of nine hand postures used in meditation. These kuji-in have found their way into ninja folklore as a kind of magic spells. "Rei" and "gai" are not from this kuji-in.

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