Ame no Nuboko






Ame no Nuboko

Literal English

Heavenly Jewelled Spear




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Takama no Hara


  • Kage Uchiha
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This weapon refers to the tenkei, a spear-like weapon used by Izanagi to create the primordial land mass that is Japan.

Powers and Effects

The ethereal spear is able to completely manipulate and control the basic five affinities: Fire, water, earth, wind and lightning. Though, there are two certain conditions.

1. It must strike the affinity which is to be controlled.

2. It can only control one affinity at a time.

Senjutsu Chakra Effect

When influenced and spawned-forth by Susanoo Sage Mode, the spear's effects and powers are amplified. The tenkei is given a physical form, which resembles the combination of a spiritual staff and a three-pronged spear. The two conditions stated above become null as well, granting free control over the elements. But for the elements to be manipulated, new conditions must be fulfilled. The tenkei must be in the possesion of the owner, and it must be motioned to manipulate the desired elements. Though, attempting to control more than one element can cause further senjutsu chakra usage, and quick exhaustion of it. Another new effect, is that it can be called back and forth if it's owner happened to have dropped, thrown or discarded it.

Further exposure and training in using the tool while in Sage Mode, has caused some of it's powers concerning it's manipulation of the elements to sometimes leave it's residue onto Kage. More training with it has awakened a new ability, giving it the power to reduce elements of advanced natures to their natural basic forms. Though it is only effective at close to mid range.

Truth-Seeking Ball

The tenkei can also be formed from the black chakra that composes the Truth-Seeking Balls, while still retaining a golden glowing effect. When spawned in this state, the abilities of the holy spear gain those of the previous forms and the obliterating abilities of the material which it is spawned from. Furthermore, the spear does not require movement or commands of any sort to manipulate elements and materials of the five natures when manipulating those within two meters of it's radial presence. But due to the concentration needed to keep the spear in what may be it's highest form yet, only three other black chakra orbs may be spawned at maximum while it is present.

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