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Amenominakanushi (天御中主; Literally meaning "Primordial Origin of Heaven") is the third ability granted by the Mangekyō Sharingan to those who awaken the abilities Amatsumikaboshi — which symbolises the "spiritual world wrought by lies" and Ijiri — which denotes the "spiritual world cleansed of lies". It generates an ethereal, monochromatic mist around the user, acting as their own personal atmosphere, while depriving all others of its perks while in its presence.

This mist saps away chakra which makes contact with it, absorbing it to either prolong the duration it remains active passively, or at the user's command, merely fuel, and hence hasten the sapping-effect. When inhaled, it will sap away at the chakra reserves of its 'hosts' until they're entirely depleted (in serious cases, resulting in death); in a way it is referred to being a 'vitality-sapper', as it will weaken those who carelessly inhale it. The inhaled mist cannot be forcibly removed without the aid of chakra absorption techniques which can affect a host internally, as opposed to externally; it is wise to dispose of it quickly, for the more chakra sapped by the mist, the more denser it will develop hence increasing the sapping/absorption rate, before exploding out from the host upon completely draining them (or by the user's command) in order to occupy somebody else upon inhalation. The mist is generally denser the closer it is to the user, implying that one's chakra will be absorbed at a speed proportional to the distance between the user and external parties.

This mist can travel indefinitely so long as the user has the chakra to maintain it, and can even be sustained by a chakra source, such as a chakra-enriched crystal without the user keeping their Mangekyō Sharingan active, though this would effectively cut its sapping potential by half.


  • In Japanese mythology and Shintoism, Amenominakanushi (天御中主 or 天之御中主神) was the first kami to come into being in the Plain of Heaven as a "solitary kami" (hitorigami). He was acknowledged as one of the zōka sanshin ("three kami of creation") and one of the five kotoamatsukami ("separate heavenly deities"). Amenominakanushi is found at the very beginning of the Kojiki. Amenominakanushi was chief kami of the seven major stars of the constellation Ursa Major. As a result of this influence, Amenominakanushi was made a central deity at the Daikyōin in the early Meiji period. He was also worshiped within sectarian Shinto (kyōha Shintō ).
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