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  • Focusing on a target...
  • ...and instantly switching places with it






Literal English

Heavenly Hand Power


Appears in

Anime, Manga, Game and Movie



Ninjutsu, Rinnegan Kekkei Genkai, Space–Time Ninjutsu, Dōjutsu






Short to Mid range


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The Amenotejikara is a space-time ninjutsu that can be used when one has Rinnegan.


With their left eye, the user instantly shifts the location of herself, others, objects, and ninjutsu within a certain range. This range can be increased if the user swaps herself with an object. When using the chakra of a tailed beast, it allows the user to extend the range of this technique even further.

Due to its speed, this technique has proven to be especially useful for launching surprise attacks against enemies. In addition, it has the psychological effect of throwing opponents off guard by confusing them when the user runs their technique into an empty space or two shinobi launch their attacks toward each other, leaving the opponent confused until this technique transport them to the user just in time to get hit by the attacks. At beginner levels, the user may have to recharge her Rinnegan or she would not be able to use it. Once mastered, the user may be able to use Amenotejikara even when her Rinnegan is overused.

Additionally, a skilled user can make use of a special seal, which functions as a sort of homing beacon, allowing them to cross vast distances with minimal effort.

This technique not only switches the position, but the momentum and direction of the switched targets as well.


The technique's name comes from Ame-no-tajikarao, a Japanese deity who pulled Amaterasu out of the cave she was hiding in to return sunlight to the world.


Due to the complexity of this technique, it appears impossible to retain knowledge of it as well as other space-time techniques, such as Hiraishin or Kamui.