Underground ruins

[COPIED]Deep beneath the sands of Sunagakure resides the ancient ruins of a once mighty civilization known as the Al-Kahtar. A huge cavern serves as the location for these ruins. A vaulted ceiling of rock formations protects it from the world above. No one knows what purpose the Al-Kahtar had in carving their homes within the earth, but none can deny the craftsmanship that went into the laborious years of its creation. As one walks through natural tunnels cut through the stone, they come into a vast cavern and see the city looming up before them. Here the Kazekage stumbled upon these ruins on one of her expeditions and it is now utilized it as a last stronghold for the people in times of war. Stores of food and weapons are in the first few dwellings beyond the stone wall that separates it from the system of tunnels one must traverse to reach this abandoned city. No one knows what happened to these people or what the entirety of the city may contain. Further explorations are needed to uncover its secrets.

Note: The access to Al-Kahtar is a heavily guarded secret in both word and defenses. Every entrance is guarded by seals and shinobi who will allow none to enter this area of Suna's defenses.

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