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ngra ainyu



  • (ジャシン, Jashin)
    (アンラ・マンユ, Aŋra Mainiū)

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182 cm


68 kg

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Chaotic Good

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Konohagakure's Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai


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Mangekyō Sharingan Sasuke (Eternal)


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Sharingan TripleMangekyō Sharingan SasukeMangekyō Sharingan SasukeMangekyō Sharingan Sasuke (Eternal)



Wood Release

Nature Icon WoodNature Icon WoodEmptyFileEmptyFile Nature Icon Magnet

Angra Mainyu (ジャシン, Aŋra Mainiū; Literally meaning "wicked heart; evil design") is the so-called god, more commonly known as Jashin worshiped in Jashinism (ジャシン教, Jashinkyō). One of its followers is the Akatsuki member Hidan. Jashin, according to Hidan, expects that all followers - so named "Jashinists" - bring nothing less than utter destruction and death.


The Birth of an Immortal

Angra Mainyu was initially believed to be the a god of darkness reliant on solely on complete an utter destruction. But in reality, he was no more than an ordinary villager. A human that was freed from the confines of order by having his name expelled from existence, and altered into one to be both hailed and feared. One day, he was randomly chosen as the source of all evil in the world by his village located in a disclosed location within the Land of Demons and was tortured and sacrificed in the following rituals.

The villagers believed that from the moment humans are born, there is evil in them. Since it was impossible to be freed from malice just through clean, righteous living, the only way to realize the true goodness of human beings was to force all the evils of the world onto one person and blame him as the true source of any human evil. If one person embodies all the evils of the world, the rest of the people cannot be evil, no matter what. This was the simple, child-like theory they all invested in. A theory that the land's scientists concocted, to justify their experiments on this lone, nameless individual.

So they continuously tortured him until he went insane. They captured him, beat him, carved every word that cursed mankind onto his body, forced every sin imaginable upon him, took out bits and pieces of him slowly, defiled his mind with absolute evil, and held him responsible for all of it in the world - because of this, he was called "Jashin". They would not allow him to die until he succumbs to old age. He had a curse put on him as a result, one made of the great evil that he was to represent; he was implanted the DNA of Hashirama Senju in addition to the formula they forced the male to consume, one whose longevity had not gone unnoticed by the Land of Demon's purveyors, provoking them into cultivating part of his body. He was shocked at first at the senselessness of it at all. Eventually he started wondering who it was he should hate. However, this man himself only felt anger and hatred towards the world and the people that mercilessly executed him. His forced sacrifice eased the confused minds of his people, which despite being unintentional, caused him to complete the ritual set by the people who had tortured him, the experiments of the scientists eventually rendering him immortal, as to embody the evils of the world for a time surpassing even eternity itself. This immortality however, was no gift. If anything, this man just sought death. Yet from that point on, he would never be able to fully achieve it. A 'head' mimicking that of Hashirama surfaced on Jashin's chest, although it gradually decomposed into a seal.

He only despised mankind of his own accord during the first few years, but after that, the hate became a natural function for him rather than an emotion; hate was the state he was always in, so it was only natural for him to continue hating everything without any other reason. By that time, he forgave and tolerated humanity for whatever sins they may cause while hating them. The world is worth hating. The imbalances were evened out by his hatred, so the people could be absolved of all guilt and live freely. But that kind of "forgiveness" is also the same type that validates any evils that humans may perform.

Yet as the time passed by and he saw many rises and fall of generations, he realized that while he still hated humans for what they did, he still loved the world. Of course, the people that put him up there, his family, his loved ones, the people he hated, died long before he did. The village changed over the generations, expanding, declining; people reviled him, people feared him, people scorned him, and yet they revered him as the sign of their salvation. But he could do nothing but hate, since that was the only thing he could communicate to the world. In the end, he accepted his role for humanity, even if it meant to be the blame for their wrongdoings.

A helpless sacrifice—an ordinary person without any special talent—that transformed into exactly what they wanted, that was determined to be and came to represent all evils of the world. And thus, hated by everyone and losing his self, a god was born.

The Rebellion of a Deity

Contempt, hatred, subverted perspectives, these all clouded the mind of Jashin, until one day he could tolerate the pain no longer. What seemed an eternity itself had passed since he became the embodiment of sin, the calamity of evil, and he had lived to witness many generations come and go, and yet the denizens of the Land of Demons still despised him, still loathed his very existence. Then, it snapped - his mind corroded with despair and corruption, Jashin massacred the population of it, granting the scientists a most gruesome ending respectively. He slew thousands for the pain tens-of-thousands had bestowed upon him, and no matter how many times the people retaliated, he could not be defeated. The creation completely eradicated the creators - his immortality was their own fall.

Fated to live on for an eternity as the representation of evil, Jashin decided he would settle for no less, the the utter destruction of the continent's citizens. He did not want everything to end all at once though; he wanted its population's numbers to dwindle, one by one, for each person slain he would be gradually relieved of the burden he had carried for a time even he could not recall. And at that, he departed the Land of Demons, and traveled the world. During his travels, he learned to harness the 'darkness' inside of him, which despite being nowhere near as potent as a bijū still allowed him to survive many encounters unscathed, although this may have been primarily due to his physical immortality. Rumors of the massacre he himself carried out spread throughout the Land of Demons, fascinating various groups throughout the nation. Amazed by his feats, they sought to mimic his bloodthirsty-nature, and to glorify his dark existence; this led to establishment of a cult, one which scattered across the continent and exists to this very day.

During his travels, Angra Mainyu awakened the Sharingan, making it possible that his human self was of Uchiha descent. Some number of years later, while settling down in a remote, unrecognized village, he awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan. The method of which he obtained it in though, led to his hasty defection of the vicinity, before once again becoming a nomad. Throughout this time, he reinforced his abilities derived from the dōjutsu, learning of a small collection of techniques, of which reflected upon both his past and present state. He contracted the Gen'ei into his service, a primitive and yet netherworldly existence which he absorbed to amplify the application of his sinister spiritual prowess, at the expense of further warping his hubris. He also enlisted the daeva as summonings, their wealth of knowledge combined with his extended application of it combined to result in a near-infinite treasury of ancient weaponry and contraptions.

At one point he extracted gold dust from the sand-laden wasteland native to the Land of Wind, utilizing a power allowing him to manipulate it. However, he invested most of what he had collected into forging exotic weapons and other items, which generic men could only dream of ever possession.


When he did eventually join another village, hundreds of years later, Jashin became a proxy of the Shodaime Tsuchikage, Virikas. Under that man's orders, Jashin momentarily joined the ranks of Genesis. However, he slowly came to be fond of the organization, and when he was called back to the village, he slaughtered the messenger who was sent to collect him, and remained within the body.


Following the disbandment of Genesis, Jashin joined Konoha's ANBU regime, tasked with patrolling the village and prosecuting all threats to the livelihood of the village. This not only enabled him to move freely within the location, but also cleansed him of his 'Missing-nin' status, thus causing him to be classified as a 'local shinobi'.

At some point during the village's war with Kumogakure, Jashin embodied a new form - entering his third stage of being, he was granted access to various new perks, whilst suffering from a complete personality change. However, the losses that ensued shortly afterwards in Kirigakure, shattered the frivolity which had dictated how he should live out the days of his existence.

It was at that very moment, that the experiments his predecessors performed on him, truly made an impact on his very being. When he was on a mission outside of the village, Jashin suddenly fell unconscious. While he laid on the forest floor, the markings on his body lit up, the 'shadows' ever encompassing his position, wrapping around his body, completely shutting him off from the world outside. Several weeks passed. No matter how many search parties Konohagakure sent out, he could not be found. None could ever find the one who was 'integrated' into the forest's shadows, however, that was when the first ray of light penetrated the inky armor of black the knight of the world wore. In essence, Jashin awoke to a new world, one which would no longer rule him, but one which he desired to conquer, through means now available to him. His form distorted by the 'transformation', he decided to make a stand: one against the world and its people's ideals under the moniker Angra Mainyu.

Reign of Angra Mainyu

Under the reign of the Godaime Hokage, Angra Mainyu was given command over much of the resident-ANBU. He however, spent most of his time indulging in exquisitely-brewed wine, and other frugal luxuries.

It was soon after this scenario that Angra Mainyu became blind due to overusing the Mangekyō Sharingan. In his plight to regain his sight, he was confronted by an old friend, and brother, who explanted his own eyes for Angra Mainyu to once again see the light of day. After a matter of four days spent in recuperation, Angra Mainyu awakened the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

Later on, he paid visit to Gaiaku Uchiha inquiring about the infamous dōjutsu's seemingly-limitless peak, to which he was then introduced to the evolutionary process into the alleged final attainable form of the Sharingan, the Rinnegan.

The Genesis

When Genesis relocated, Angra Mainyu found himself in Tenryūji. There was was rewarded a few floors of the Hokage Residence for his leisure, of which he littered with treasures, and downright abominations of his cult.

Some few months later after learning that Yūmei had passed on, Angra Mainyu was devastated. He overcame this guilt though somewhat quickly, after learning that his antithesis had taken up the role of playing leader. It was from this antithesis that he inherited much of the Godaime Hokage's knowledge regarding the Rinnegan, secluding himself shortly after to test out his new powers, which he took an immediate liking to. Believing that once again he was out of context, Angra Mainyu performed a full body metamorphosis, supposedly into a fourth stage, gaining much more physical flexibility than he had in his previous one. He also stole Yūmei's Shakujō from his chamber.

When matters had settled down in the city, Angra Mainyu traveled to Konohagakure on the orders of Yūmei Luenah in order to inspect the Ryūmon Gate positioned on top of the Hokage Monument. He however was almost confronted by two individuals, and was reminded by one of them of just how vulnerable the Gen'ei were to the Nara clan's abilities. As he had forgotten to obtain a Y-Nano prior to departing Tenryūji, Angra Mainyu had no means of requesting reinforcements, and as a result fled the vicinity soon after this realization. Upon returning to the city, he modified the Gen'ei's central core to render them much more impervious to sealing techniques, and especially the Nara clan's potential to snare them in an instant.

A month later, Angra Mainyu along with Avalon Lucetius slew the Great Daeva Sage, and with the additional assistance of Yūmei Luenah converted his corpse into Arutema Tenshi.



Angra Mainyu.

As 'Jashin', he physically appeared as a boy despite his well-advanced age with lightly tanned skin and black, messy hair. He bore red markings all over his body representing all of the evil in the world, when realistically they were just composed of dried blood, a grotesque addition to his body being hardened into his skin. Apart from that he barely wore any clothing, only wearing a red towel-like lower garment with its front modified for easier movement, and a plate-less red headband with extensive tails. He wore filthy bandages over his fists like gauntlets, and the similar on his feet as well as his lower shin to compensate for the lack of proper shinobi footwear.

As 'Angra Mainyu', he has short, blond hair and scarlet eyes with crimson, slit-like iris'. He wears golden square earrings and a toga within a casual context and suit of ornate golden armor with blue trimmings and a red, cloth drapes on the bottom half of it when battling. He rarely however, donned the golden breastplate on top, as per his teachings request, that minimal clothing, if any, be worn (hence wearing his toga unless he absolutely requires of the extra defense). Engraved on his chest are red markings, reminiscent of those he bore in his first form, only that this time the pattern was symmetrical and generally complements the build of his healthy male physique.


As 'Jashin', he usually had a lazy and laid-back attitude, lacking any sense of justice. Instead he could be a complete villain at times, striving off of his own perception of justice, in bringing the world utter chaos as opposed to destruction, to appease himself psychologically for all of the trauma he had suffered as a mere villager. When under this impression he had absolutely no moral restraints regarding the people he killed; he considered slaughter a calling of justice, and often took considerable pleasure in making his opponents' deaths as painful as possible; he could only be sadistic at times when he was terribly bored with the one he was conversing with, the actions he produced depending heavily upon their gender - he would heinously kill the other if they were a male, and should they be female, would brutally rape them if they were susceptible to such a villainous crime, or proceed to mock their very existence for being of such a weak constitution.

As 'Angra Mainyu' is extremely arrogant and selfish. He claims that everything in the world is his possession and he's the one and only god. He cannot acknowledge the authority of anyone, even from other gods. He's incredibly proud, especially of his collection of treasures. He views everyone as inferior and does not care for their feelings at all. In battle, he's prone to underestimate his opponents and views fights as a game of amusement. His gigantic pride prevents him from acknowledging his opponent as a real threat and he does not fight them seriously.


Angra Mainyu is a very deadly individual in combat, considerably when he wiped out an entire village in the Land of Demons solely, despite the fact those within weren't combat specialists.


Angra Mainyu's main advantage is his inability to die, a result of being cursed with the world's evils when he was but a simple villager. His immortality allows him to survive numerous fatal injuries, and almost any form of dismemberment over the countless years he has lived. Even though he is impervious to most physical attacks, as well as survive the injuries that actually get through to him, he is still susceptible to pain, however in the present he barely recognizes it, having suffered much traumatic pain in the past. Despite being "immortal", he is still capable of dying from a lack of nutrients.


A master of the Rinnegan, Angra Mainyu is well capable of accessing all five basic elements, although chooses not to. He instead prefers to utilize Magnet Release in collaboration with the Mangekyō Sharingan to consistently barrage foes with weapons composed of golden dust. He also possesses a considerably high prowess in curse-related techniques.


In battle, Angra Mainyu is shown to be very skilled in taijutsu. He is extremely agile, having tremendous acrobatic prowess and dexterity in avoiding attacks.

Tawrich & Zarich

Angra Mainyu wielded the fang-like twin daggers Tawrich and Zarich in battle when in his first two forms, which could be used as sword breakers, and were notably ordained with the same red pattern his body beared as a result of becoming humanity's scapegoat.

Angra Mainyu was capable of integrating the blades into his Bane of Light form where he adopted the appearance of a Gen'ei and practically became untouchable in close-ranged combat.He later became capable of imbuing them in his forearms as makeshift, black armaments sharper than a katana and capable of cutting through a person's flesh and skeletal structure with ease. In addition to this, Angra Mainyu could infuse them with an elemental chakra affinity to both reinforce and tremendously increase overall damage output.

Heavenly Body Tattoo
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