editArctic Foxes


Arctic Fox (北極ギツネ, Hokkyoku Gitsune)






Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Immense speed
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Heightened sense of sight and hearing

Arctic Foxes (also known as white foxespolar foxes, or snow foxes) are a secluded group of foxes that reside within Inariyama (稲荷, Inari Mountain), a mountain located near the Land of Snow. Their sizes range from a small house cat to a towering size of a five-storey building. Most of them have the affinity towards Ice and Wind, while some only possess the latter. They are led by the White Fox Sage (白狐, Shirokitsune Sennin), an enormous female fox named Resshin.

They are agile creatures capable of sudden bursts of speed when attacking, making them formidable opponents. They have exceptional sense of sight, smell and hearing which they use to their advantage. These foxes are also said to possess high intellect and seem to be prone to doing mischief, often tricking their enemies and using that moment of weakness to overwhelm them. They tend to not listen to orders all the time, having a free-spirited nature, but will still be willing to cooperate.

These beings are considered powerful, but they do not readily give their aid to just anyone. It is said that anyone who tries to have a contract with them will have to go through Resshin's tests and the Sage is not easily swayed just because the person has won or executed a task perfectly and correctly, which made them quite difficult beings to be summoned. However, once someone actually got Resshin's approval, the contracted person will be able to summon these powerful creatures and ask for their help in battle. They are quite effective partners in a fight; their keen mind often thinking ahead and creating strategies which can be carried out. They are also known to be loyal to their summoner and are quite protective of them, often becoming hostile towards other people, even towards the summoner's friends unless they are told off.

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