Art of Wingless Flight

Art of Wingless Flight





Tsubasa no Nai Hikō no Geijutsu

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Effortless Flight


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Shinobi Legends

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Shizenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Chakra Flow



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  • Jay Nara
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After the proper motivation, the man would finally reverse engineer his eyes' former special ability of Flight. The memory of his chakra flow, and his own extensive knowledge in chakra control, allowed him to finally incorporate the ability with the help of Wind Chakra to better support his manipulation of the air currents around him. Thus, the Art of Wingless Flight would be reborn as an ordinary technique. Because of the sheer amount of air in the world, all invisible to the naked eye, he’s able to use this technique anywhere, at any time.


Using a minuscule amount of chakra, the Nara will flow his energy in and around his body to alter the air currents around said body. This task requires masterful levels of chakra control to achieve, as one needs to make them just powerful enough to lift their body and give them the power of flight. The stronger the air currents around his body, the quicker he can fly, at the cost of more chakra. The man continued to work on making the technique more effective and began to employ Shizenjutsu at absolutely no cost to his massive reserves. Because of the Natural Energy being used to power his flight, he’s able to achieve even hypersonic speeds with very little difficulty.


Because the technique requires air as a form of medium, this technique cannot be used where there’s a vacuum… like the cold reaches of space.

  • Credit for the art belongs to the anime YuYu Hakusho and its respective Intellectual Property holder.
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