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Arutema Tenshi (究極の天使, lit. "Ultimate Angel") is a biotechnological weapon created from the combination of the Great Daeva Sage's corpse and a grand number of modifications made to it on part of Tenryūji's dragons.


The Great Daeva Sage was slain by the joint effort of Angra Mainyu and Avalon Lucetius, whose own daeva summons repelled off the other daevas throughout the duration of their short conflict, which Angra Mainyu ended by using the Human Path while Avalon incapacitated it. As a result they managed to keep the Sage's corpse intact, which by the time Yūmei Luenah arrived all the necessary tools and location had been prepared. Over the course of several days was Arutema Tenshi born.


Created from the corpse of the Great Daeva Sage, Arutema Tenshi possesses a considerably large chakra pool, enhanced by being constantly attuned to the natural energy in the surrounding atmosphere as well as the Yliaster body parts it boasts. It has access to the Sage's own chakra natures, and is capable of utilizing Senjutsu to a greater extent to the Sage. The Yliaster body parts enhance its strength and speed, and the immensely durable armor it wears infused with Zirnitra's power render Arutema Tenshi very formidable. Avalon's own modifications made via an enhanced application of Ice Release to its thermal system and central core has rendered it virtually immune to radical temperature shifts..

Arutema Tenshi possesses a cockpit accessible via the back panel of its neck, though can only be activated via an identification key. It isn't necessary to control it internally however, which through the insertion of both the key and a Y-Nano can be controlled externally. As Arutema Tenshi is essentially controlled by an A.I, it is immune to genjutsu.


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