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Avalon Lucetius

  • (アヴァロン永遠の光, Avalon Lucetius)
  • Daeva Sage (ディーヴァ仙人, Dīvua Sennin)



Astrological Sign Virgo August 24


Gender Male Male




190 cm


70 kg

Blood type



Lawful Evil

Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Tōta

Nature Icon Star Star Release




  • "Konohagakure" is not in the list of possible values (Allied Shinobi Forces, Akatsuki, Root) for this property.
    Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
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    Land of Demons Symbol Land of Demons
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    Genesis Symbol Genesis


Ninja Rank


Ninja Registration


Academy Grad. Age


Nature Type

Unique Traits


Mangekyō Sharingan Avalon (Eternal)

Sage Mode Daeva

Nature Icon Star

Nature Icon Ice

Nature Icon Fire

Nature Icon Water

Nature Icon Wind




Sharingan TripleMangekyō Sharingan MadaraMangekyō Sharingan MadaraMangekyō Sharingan Madara (Eternal)

Sage Mode

Sage Mode DaevaSage Mode DaevaSage Mode DaevaSage Mode DaevaSage Mode DaevaSage Mode Daeva

Ice Release

Nature Icon IceNature Icon IceNature Icon IceNature Icon Ice

Eight Gates

Reset Icon HachimonReset Icon Hachimon +MAX Nature Icon Star

Avalon Lucetius (アヴァロン永遠の光, Lucetius Avalon) is a sub-leader of Genesis and once an ANBU of Konohagakure. He is an exceptionally powerful shinobi who bears the title of Daeva Sage (ディーヴァ仙人, Dīvua Sennin) due to his signature daeva summonings and having mastered their species' Sage Mode, fulling dubbing him a sage.


Avalon was born and raised in the confines of Konohagakure. As with many of the other children his age at the time, served as a prodigy in his own right, learning how to manipulate lightning and fire-affinitied chakra simultaneously while just a freshman at the local academy, a trait even uncommon for Jōnin. Thus at a young age (7) he was propelled to Genin-rank. When his pet chicken, Clucky, was flattened by a rogue foodcart in front of his very eyes, Avalon awakened the Sharingan.

When on a mission to escort an elderly male to Sunagakure, Avalon found himself taking the wrong route, instead travelling to the Land of Demons. It was there that he and the elderly man were confronted by an irregularly-sized band of bandits (approx. 40 members), whom Avalon just barely managed to defeat, at the expense of his client's life. Exhausted from the battle, he collapsed. Lights out.

Lights on. Avalon found himself in the company of strange creatures, deep underground the surface where he had fallen unconscious. Viewing them as oni, he attempted to flee, although the creatures pinned him down, before eventually calming him down. They introduced themselves as daevas, the true inhabitants of the land before humans occupied the surface, forcing them to live in a network of catacombs beneath. Impressed by Avalon's skills when he fought off the bandits, they brought him with them to their 'kingdom', treating his wounds and sheltering him from the bandits pursuing the one responsible for slaying their comrades. The daevas then offered to form a contract with the boy, so that they might be able to exchange information, and "evolve together", as the daevas stated. Although Avalon was a human, the creatures held no resentment towards him, he was just a boy after all...that managed to wipe out a bandit horde on his lonesome.

Several years passed. Avalon had learned of the daeva's ancestry, and of how to manipulate wind, the primary element first generation daevas utilize to better overwhelm opponents in melee combat. One of the daevas he befriended, a sapling in age that he could deem his "best friend" sacrificed itself at Avalon's hands so he could awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan, which it had been instructed to by the species' elders for the boy's own development (much to Avalon's obliviousness, however). Impressed by his progress, the daevas introduced Avalon to the Great Daeva Sage, who after a series of trials, permitted him to learn of their methods in manipulating senjutsu. He spent the following decade both learning and polishing his mastery of the result - the native Sage Mode: Daeva Sage Mode, and mastering various other disciplines such as swordplay and various modes of martial arts. During this time he was bestowed the prized blade, Nanatsusaya no Tachi as a graduation gift from his former weak self, and the Yggdrasil Seal so that he wouldn't exhaust himself as quickly when in Sage Mode.

With the approval of the Great Daeva Sage, Avalon was finally permitted to return home, wiping out entire legions of bandits with his newfound, mastered fighting style as a condition for this, before finally making it to Konohagakure. There during audience with the Hokage, he regained his status as a member of the village, and was inducted into the ranks of ANBU.

Konohagakure: Prime

While participating in the Crystal Competition, Avalon developed the urge to learn more about his heritage, a random thought selected out of a storm of countless others. Reading up on documents pertaining to his parents' backgrounds respectively, he opted to visit the origin of his mother, who he found to be a high-ranking member of the Yuki Clan. It was there he convened with the elders, and after a short discussion, was granted permission to learn of the clan's secret technique: Ice Release. This also prompted him to learn of how to manipulate water, in order to meld it with wind, or rather super-freeze it in other to produce ice. After having intellectually accumulated a sufficient amount of knowledge regarding the nature, Avalon made his return to Konohagakure, to resume his participation in the festivities being held at the time, although not without being informed by the clan elder that one of the most prestigious members of the clan resided within the same location as he.

The Genesis

Avalon followed Gaiaku to Tenryūji after pledging loyalty to Genesis in order to better hone his skills, the village he departed from nothing more than a husk of its once great state. There he trains intensively in Ice Release, inheriting much knowledge from the man he considered his sensei, in spite of their small age gap.

When he received word that Gaiaku had perished during a campaign against Konoha, Avalon was shattered. Infuriated, he opted to train with Kudara Kokūzō, whom had also lost a member once close to him, the hatred of the two spiraling to unforeseeable heights. It was during this period that Avalon learned, and mastered the Kekkei Tōta Star Release, complimenting his Sage Mode considerably. He later received word from Yūmei Luenah of the whereabouts of Gaiaku's concealed repository, under the claim he had inherited it. From this Avalon received the prized Yata Mirror, as well as an assortment of the Uchiha's other material possessions contained in seals at the time of his death. He later sparred with Yūmei before being transplanted with Siegfried's eyes and injected with ambiguous substances to neutralize deficiencies and increase the rate of success, seeing as the donor wasn't a close family member.

Some months later, Avalon, Angra Mainyu and Yūmei partook in the defeat of the Great Daeva Sage, as well as the advent of Arutema Tenshi.


Avalon is described as being deviant, but not inhuman, and one difficult to satisfy. He constantly finds himself drawn to negative emotions like the pain of others, this warped manner of thinking the product of having spent more than a decade in the presence of malevolent creatures. Following Gaiaku's death, Avalon became considerably more callous. To better stabilize his emotions, he occasionally ventures on journeys to cool his head a little. However, were he to encounter anybody even remotely responsible for his friend's death, nothing but tragedy awaits.


Avalon has long, grey hair and green eyes. He wears black, thickened leather armor with steel pauldrons, gauntlets and boots with his chest and backside exposed for the Yggdrasil Seal, clearly displayed to properly insulate natural energy. When in Daeva Sage Mode his sclera turn black, contrasting his his daeva-like eye design.




Avalon's mastery of the Sharingan is no farce. With it, he's easily much more perceptive in battle, a trait required to better utilize the more powerful techniques in his arsenal, and almost guarantee in most cases when certain conditions have been met. He's able to, as with many Uchiha, reflect genjutsu cast upon him by others, while coercing the weaker-willed with ease.

Mangekyō Sharingan

While although it may not pose his greatest asset, Avalon still relies upon his Mangekyō Sharingan from time to time, although is more likely to use it in order to defend rather than attack. He possesses Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, the techniques required for one to utilize Susanoo. However, none have actually seen him using it, or rather, no one alive.


Avalon has demonstrated a great mastery over swordplay throughout the later portion of his life, being able to wield a sword ten times his own weight to equivalent degree of a samurai and his katana. While not being able to utilize samurai-native techniques, Avalon is very well capable of overwhelming a samurai, veteran or master with ease, given his own sword's size and weight.

Ninjutsu and Chakra Control

Indisputably one of his fortes, Avalon utilizes it in the form of either fire, lightning or wind. As a child he was hailed for attaining Jōnin-level power - two elemental affinities, as well as using them to a masterful degree, as evident in his battle with the bandit rabble in the Land of Demons. Following his decade-worth of training there, his ninjutsu aptitude has exponentially increased, where he can utilize wide-scale techniques for only a fraction their standard chakra cost.


The utmost strong point in Avalon's fighting style, Avalon is capable of overwhelming opponents in only a few strikes. Skilled in bajiquan, or rather, a 'super' form of bajiquan he developed, he inflicts grievous internal damage to his opponents, as well as external, outright disabling them in most cases.


Senjutsu is unarguably the cause for Avalon's tremendous lethality. He is able to passively absorb natural energy due to his Yggdrasil Seal and convert it to senjutsu chakra even when engaged in battle, allowing him to enter Sage Mode without needing to meditate in place, motionlessly. If he has shadow clones nearby, which are also capable of passively creating senjutsu chakra, he can dispel them with merely a glance, and overflow himself with their progress, probably sufficient enough for him to enter Sage Mode.

While in Sage Mode Avalon's physical attributes and elemental resistances drastically increase to the point where weapons such as kunai and Chakra Disruption Blades are harmlessly upon making contact with his body, and can withstand temperature below boiling point or below freezing point, although to a limited extent. The powers of his equipped items also increase, making a wooden sword in his hand as dangerous as a sharpened steel katana, and leather armor the hardness of diamond. He can also extend his influence over the natural energy in the surrounding environment to increase the range of his techniques and physical attacks.

Yggdrasil Seal
Sharingan Triple
Concealed beneath a black cloak; Travelling.
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