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Baku Anime

(貘, Baku)






Nature Type

The Baku (貘, baku) is a potential personal summon shinobi can possess.


It is a gigantic elephantine chimera, large enough to dwarf the Susano'o technique. It has tiger-like limbs and bandages wrapped all around its head and armor on the base of the trunk and between the eyes. It is predominantly dark orange in color with the exception of its trunk, legs and the markings around its eyes. Its feet are also striped; reminiscent of those of a tiger and it also has huge tusks and what looks like a beard, as well as long, sharp claws.


The Baku is said in legend to be able to devour dreams and nightmares. When it opens its mouth and inhales, it can create a powerful suction that sucks in everything within a large radius, while at the same time exhaling through its trunk. Ninja use this suction in conjunction with their own Wind Release techniques to amplify their power. It is strong enough to break the defenses of Susano'o.


  • A baku (獏, 貘) is a mythological Japanese creature said to eat dreams and nightmares. As a chimera with an elephant's trunk, a rhinoceros' eyes, an ox's tail, and a tiger's paws, they resembled somewhat the real-life tapir. After the two creatures were connected, the baku was more and more often depicted as a tapir. Modern images depicting Baku as actual chimera are rare.
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