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(バルモズ, Barumozu)

Voice Actors


Vic Mignogna


Masako Nozawa





Gender Male Male



  • Part I: Unknown
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  • Part II: 11
Blood type



Neutral Good

Kekkei Genkai

Sharingan Triple Sharingan

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Ninja Rank
  • Part I: Unknown
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  • Part II: Child
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Ninja Registration


Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Strangely Pointed Ears

Permanently Active Sharingan Strange

  • sun-shaped symbol on his right palm

Balmos is a strange young boy who appeared on the doorsteps of Konohagakure no Sato, dropped off by a strange, cloaked, red-haired man with a mechanical arm shortly before he vanished into the darkness of the night. He was unconscious on arrival and the only clue as to why he was left there was a note hidden inside the only piece of extra clothing he was accompanied by, his red scarf. The note read "Please watch over Balmos for me... -N.S.", this N.S. presumably being the mysterious figure that he was dropped off by before he vanished like a shadow on a cloudy day.


Balmos' history is currently unknown, with only his appearance in Konohagakure being the most recent event involving him.

During the middle of the night, a strange man with spikey red hair and a mechanical arm waltzed through a strange mist and dropped a strange child off at the guard station near the front gate before vanishing. Upon being dropped off, the boy's body was wrapped in full by the rather large scarf that he was accompanied by. Before any guards could pick the boy up, the scarf seemed to react and try to protect the child briefly before going completely dormant and letting the boy be transferred to the hospital.

In the hospital, Balmos lay unconscious for a day and a half before abruptly jolting up in a daze. The scarf, as if reacting to the boy's reawakening, wrapped itself back around the child and a sudden flurry of freezing temperatures and revealing that he already had an active sharingan before abruptly dying out and leaving a bewildered and vacant looking child just staring at the baffled staff with a tilted head. After a couple questions and brief tests to determine what the boy could and couldn't do in his current situation, a nurse asked him if he knew who this "N.S", or as they knew him now "Nagayori", was and Balmos began to hand the note he was found with to the Nurse...Then it happened. Something had activated the emblem embedded in his hand and instantly froze the note so far below zero that it shattered just from the boy recoiling from noticing what had happened. Before the child could accidentally cause more damage, his scarf grabbed his wrist and waited for him to calm down and the emblem to deactivate before taking over.

The scarf had revealed itself as highly sentient, able to form words in it's fabric to respond to the nurse and elaborate on the boy and anything he couldn't say himself. During the interaction the scarf revealed that it was a separate entity to the boy and acted as a familiar with it's own will, it also elaborated on the mark on Balmos' hand being called the Elderseal which acted as a limiter to hide his full power until he could learn to use it. Balmos himself did not seem to realize the scarf was "alive" and the scarf seemed to want it kept that way for the time being, only forming words briefly out of sight of the boy to inform the nurses of what Balmos could think about but couldn't say due to his mostly mute nature.

After being released from the hospital, the boy wanders Konoha's streets aimlessly, with no current objective in mind other than to stay alive and keep himself safe.


Balmos appears to be around 11 or 12 years old, with his "on-the-record" age being 11, standing around average height for an 11 year old. His hair is a dark blue color and his eyes are always in a state of Sharingan with skin of a light peach color and a single scar on the left corner of his mouth. Around his eyes seems to be irremovable makeup that gives him a snake-like appearance. He usually wears a loose set of dark, pale red cargo capris along with a brown, long-sleeved jacket with the sleeves loosely rolled up to his elbows. For shoes, he wears some worn-out black boots with odd magenta soles always loosely tied. He also wears a pale red scarf around his neck every day since he was found outside Konohagakure no Sato, it seems to be too large for his body though it seems to mysteriously stay clear of his feet of it's own accord. Balmos also has a strange, sun-shaped tribal tattoo embedded in his left palm, this symbol seems to serve no purpose as of now.


Balmos is a rather quiet child, with a blank expression on his face most of the time leading many to call him an airhead. He also seems to be mute, never speaking and instead just simply nodding and shaking his head to answer questions and tends to keep to himself most of the time.


  • Balmos has never spoken since the moment he was found, with many coming to the conclusion that he is simply a Mute.
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