Bane of Light






Raito no Nayami no Tane

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Bane of Light


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Jashin Symbol Hiden, Ninjutsu



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Ahura Mazda


  • Angra Mainyu
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This is a conceptual technique, where Angra Mainyu manifests his physical body with the 'evil' he has accumulated over all of the years he has lived - his entire body is covered in a black shroud, causing him to at first, appear as a dark silhouette with no noteworthy traits except from his voice. Being the living embodiment of the world's evil, its darkness, Jashin veils himself in an armour of pitch-black chakra, becoming the avatar of Angra Mainyu.

With each transformation phase, Angra Mainyu's physical appearance further resembles that of a Gen'ei, where his physical attributes escalate rapidly with each; his agility and dexterity are bolstered, his reflexes and neural senses greatly improved, despite his canine-appearance his attributes easily surpass that of a live beast itself.

When he wields his twin daggers, Tawrich and Zarich, his shadow form eventually merges them in place of its hands, forming lethally sharp claws ordained with their original red markings. This integration greatly bolsters Jashin's attack speed and rate, enabling him to unleash consecutive flurries of slashes without leaving any time for his foe(s) to do anything other than block his relentless strikes.


Bane of Light - Level 2.

When utilizing this technique in a vicinity where darkness dominates the contrast ratio with light, especially at night time, this form becomes permanent. Additionally he may utilize a number of techniques reliant on him becoming attuned with the 'evil' that has corroded his mind since becoming its vessel. During the time he had spent training in Konohagakure, Angra Mainyu has mastered this technique to a degree that he is capable of only 'shrouding' selective areas of his body, and is capable of releasing advanced forms of Gen'ei. In addition to this, he can maintain the form for extended periods of time without requiring the area around him to be completely veiled in darkness.

Notably this ability can be when Ahura Mazda is active, but must first be deactivated should Angra Mainyu wish to utilize it in conjunction with Ahura Mazda.