Withing Becquerel's lab lies a collection of strange, unusual, and somewhat dangerous items. These items are often kept locked away and only taken out for experiments that try to figure out how they work or why they work the way they do. The more dangerous ones stay locked up for good. There are over fifty items in his collection, but this list displays the ones that have been revealed through role playing. He is known to lend items out for experimentation purposes, but will always make sure that they're safe at home in the end.

Cursed Curiass

This Curiass was recovered from the ruins of an ancient city and was stored within what was believed to be a prison of that civilization. Examination of it shows that the metal seems to be covered in old, dried blood cells with a large concentration of them around the neck area. Strange script is written on the chest plate in a long dead language but after long periods of study at the ruin site, the language was partially deciphered. The Curiass was worn by prisoners to be executed and their crimes were written on the chest for the crowd to read. Countless criminals were beheaded while wearing this and their vengeful spirits seem to reside within this piece of armor. Those that can see or sense spirits would see or feel a dark aura full of malice surrounding it which seems to imbue it otherworldly powers. All experiments performed seem to find that this armor is impenetrable as the strange force seems to protect it. Wearing it provides great defense to the chest area, but all test subjects that had put this on seemed to become possessed by the spirits within and become berserk beings full of hate and anger. A strong will seemed to allow for longer periods of lucidity but brief periods of extreme hostility were still recorded.

Danger Class - Minor to  Medium / dependant on wearer           Current Possession - Becquerel

Drill Weapon

This weapon was collected from the remains of a ancient religious site of a secretive village in the ninja world. It's another item of antiquity as it was used by high-ranking warriors in the civilization that it came from. The wearer of this weapon needed to be physically strong as well, as the whole system weighed more than a full suit of armor. It was used to pierce through powerful defensive jutsu regardless of how powerful the defense was. So long as it had chakra, this weapon could dig right through it. When in use, it did this by expelling chakra from the end of the drill in a spiral-like fashion. This spiral-like flow of chakra actually pushes other chakra out of its way, basically allowing it to tunnel through any defense that involves chakra. The danger to using this weapon is that improper use of it can result in arms being wrenched right off if chakra control is not good enough. This occurs because the actual drill portion is worn much like a gauntlet and the remainder gets fastened to the upper arm, allowing one to still bend their arm at the elbow. To just use the drill by itself poses no danger, but once chakra-enhanced ability is used to pierce all chakra defenses then the risk occurs as it actually changes the chakra within the users arm to match the spiral flow. This flow of chakra can be so strong that it will forcibly tear the user's arm right off. Three of the five test subjects reported this loss of limb and in loss of life with subject ████████ after the weapon had torn off subject ████████'s arm. CAUTION!!! Weapon does no have a 'dead man switch'. Please use caution when securing it in the case of limb loss.

Danger Class - Medium                     Current Possession - Ulam

Undead Wand and Shield


These items were collected from a cannibalistic and ritualistic village and were extremely important religious items. They are a stranger part of his collection as their powers only work when the two are both held by one person. The wand and shield are intended to be gripped with both hands, but so long as they are on the person's body their ability still works properly. In order to be used properly, corpses are required. If the wand is aimed at a corpse and given a small charge of chakra, it will cause a bloody explosion that leaves behind a skeleton. Testing shows that no matter what kind of corpse is used, a human skeleton will always spawn. Strangely though, these skeletons spawn with helmets, targes, and weapons that all appear to be made from bone. The skeletons seem to have a limited selection of weapons that include a flanged mace, horseman's pick, morning star, battle axe, and flachion. A maximum of 10 skeletons seems to be able to be spawned and any further spawned once the limit is reached will result in the skeletons falling apart starting with the first that was summoned. Each skeleton is also quite powerful despite having no muscles, as when they swing their weapons they are able to break through stone. Their bones also appear to be very durable as the skeletons seem to resist most damage without breaking. Though, after a certain amount of damage is taken, the entire skeleton falls apart and becomes lifeless. They also can not seem to be given commands and will just aimlessly wander around their creator until a threat occurs, which will cause them all to rush at the danger and attack feverishly. Though, they have been witnessed to get stuck behind walls or other obstacles. They also seem to have a distance limit as they can not be beyond 31 meters with their creator as the center point. If the creator travels faster than the skeletons can and causes them to go beyond their 31 meter limit, they will sink into the ground and leap out of the front of the shield and act as if nothing occurred.

The shield seems to be fairly durable despite being fashioned from bone. It was able to withstand up to a direct hit from cannon fire before breaking apart and leaving behind the grip. Subject ██████ discovered that the shield can be repaired if the grip is aimed at a corpse and chakra is sent into the grip. This causes bones to erupt from the corpse and rebuild the shield almost instantaneously. The wand can also be repaired in a similar fashion if broken or damaged, making these objects effectively indestructible. Subject ████ also discovered accidentally while preparing breakfast that the wand can also be repaired fully if a portion of it is placed in a pitcher of milk for 24 hours.

With these items, each corpse only appears to be able to be used once and any further attempt of using a spent corpse will prove fruitless. CAUTION!!! Both subject ██████ and subject ████ seem to have been cursed by these objects, causing them to both to constantly shout bone puns while using them. Once objects are no longer on their person, the curse seems to be lifted and subjects had no memory of saying said puns.

Danger Class - Medium                     Current Possession - Becquerel

Mirror Shell

This is a strange object that was found on a island far off the main continent. It appears to once have been a living creature, likely similar in appearance to a nautilus. Obviously, it is no longer living and has only left behind its shell. Even though the creature no longer lives, its self defense mechanism still seems to function perfectly fine. When struck by any force, the shell completely absorbs all of the impact and is left unharmed. When the top of the shell strikes something else, the force that was previously stored is then released in a concentrated blow and the creature would then likely swim away harm-free. Tests show that this shell can be weaponized by attaching to a weapon or being held in the palm, allowing it to work as both offense and defense. Subject ███ demonstrated this by holding this in his hand and holding this out to protect himself as a one ton cannon was fired at him. The round struck the shell and fell harmlessly to the ground. Subject ███ then attempted to use said shell to free himself from the testing ground by striking the testing chamber's glass with the shell. This resulted in the shell ripping through Subject ███'s torso due to the recoil of the force and landing at the opposite side of the test chamber as well as the glass needed to be replaced. A "DANGER: RECOIL" sign has been written on both sides of the shell and the glass has been replaced.

Danger Class - Minor                     Current Possession - Pluton

Reflecting Maul

This weapon was built by a master weapon-smith on an island plagued by constant war.
Even though it looks completely offensive, it can be used for both offense and defense because of its unique trait which allows it to absorb chakra. It can only absorb chakra from one side of the maul though, the side labeled with a sword. This was likely done by the weapon-smith so just in case those wielding this weapon were not too bright, they could just look at the weapon to remember which side to point towards incoming attacks. On the opposite side is a skull, which is the offensive side of the maul. Once again, likely done so the fighter could remember which side to use to kill things with. Testing shows that the absorbed chakra from the sword side is actually stored within the maul and is released as kinetic force when something is struck by the skull side. There does not seem to be a limit for how much chakra can be absorbed, but the force of the strike as well as the recoil of the weapon seems to be directly related to the amount of chakra absorbed. When the maul was subjected to an hour of nonstop katon and raiton techniques and testing was performed with Subject █████ forcibly attached to the hammer, results were mixed. The hammer strike was able to destroy a large piece of earth, but Subject █████ was launched far off into the distance. Thankfully, the maul and Subject █████'s body were recovered several miles away with no visible damage to the maul. CAUTION!!! Just because the maul absorbs chakra, does not mean that it also absorbs kinetic energy. This was discovered when a powerful Doton technique was launched at Subject █████████ during testing. The chakra was fully absorbed from the technique and was able to be used later, but the wall of earth subsequently crushed Subject █████████ completely. Maul was recovered safely.

Danger Class - Minor                     Current Possession - Becquerel

Poison King's Kris

This was a kris used by a man famed as the 'Poison King' of antiquity. Though, recent translations of documents indicate that the title 'Poison King' might have just been because of his extremely vulgar vocabulary. Regardless, he always seemed to carry around this weapon and befell misfortune to everyone he met. So long as the blade is in its scabbard, it's safe to use but the scabbard is built well enough to use as a blunt weapon.

Its snake-like design is its most obvious indica

tor of the ability held by this blade. When the exposed blade comes in contact with tissue it releases an explosive combination of a viscous, poisonous liquid and gas that coats objects struck by it. This poison explodes outwards from the blade, covering everything within three meters of it. The bad thing about this poisonous attack is that it also effects the wielder of the blade, so a full-body suit would be required to prevent inflicting self-harm. The strange thing about the poison is that its make up seems to change every day, which prevents an effective antidote from being made. How the Poison King managed to use this and not kill himself is unknown, but it is believed that he may have washed it off as soon as possible

Experiments show that the poison used by this blade is actually not completely fatal, though it brings those who are poisoned by it an extremely bad time. When tested by Subject ████, the blade seemed to respond to both live and dead tissue which left the testing chamber and Subject ████ covered in the poison. Subject ████ was left inside the chamber for one hour, where he complained of extreme malaise and lethargy but showed no sign of loss of ability. When he was finally hosed off and allowed out of the chamber, a fellow subject gave him a firm pat on the back as congratulations. This caused Subject ████ to collapse, dead before he hit the ground. Similar experiments resulted in further subjects dying from minor physical trauma after being exposed to the poison for some time. It is believed that this poison saps the vitality from those affected from it, but does not directly kill those that are poisoned.

Danger Class - Medium                     Current Possession - Becquerel

Devil Fruits


Devil Fruits are strange and mysterious fruits that had been collected from islands far from the main continent. Within this collection are four fruits in particular that had been collected during travels, one of which was collected after the death of a ninja who had previously eaten the fruit. This could be considered the only experiment performed with these fruits, even though it may not have been intentional. What was discovered was at the time of that ninja's death, a nearby fruit had changed its properties to that of the fruit held by that ninja. This led to the understanding that after a fruit user's death, the nearest fruit will become the new devil fruit of that kind.

After tracking down a man who collected a log of devil fruit's appearances, we were able to determine that the fruits in the collection are the Snip Snip Fruit, the Ripple Ripple Fruit, and the Poison Poison Fruit. Previously, the Munch Munch Fruit was also contained, but was stolen during a security breach. Because of the nature of devil fruits, no experimentation will be performed for study purposes with any of the Subjects. Only studies to be performed will be in the field if or when a ninja chooses to consume one.

Danger Class - Unknown                     Current Possession - Becquerel (three)

Chakra Magnifier


This is a strange device that appears to be extremely technologically advanced, but was found attached to the skeleton of a man deep within a cave system in the Land of Sound. It is unsure how old it is, but it was found to still be perfectly operational when it was tried out on Subject ██████. In order for it to work properly, the device needed to be fit with a harness to ensure proper placement over Subject ██████'s spine. Once fitted, a single button was pressed on the device which caused it bore into the spinal column by going between the thoracic vertebrae as well as below the bottom cervical vertebra. It also uses several small claw-like pieces to grab hold of the vertebra and to prevent it from being dislodged. The process is extremely painful but once everything was secured, Subject ██████ stated that it didn't even feel like he was wearing anything. It did not seem to hinder movement either as he was able to perform a vast variety of movements with no issues.

Once the device is in place, it's effects are somewhat passive as it takes no conscience effort to utilize it. Any chakra used for ninjutsu will be first cycled through the chamber on the wearer's back before the jutsu is used. The cycling process somehow results in a magnified jutsu being cast. For example, prior to wearing the device Subject ██████ was able to cast Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet and launch a normal stream of fire. Once the device was put in place and the same jutsu was cast, after magnification, the flames increased in size and intensity by five times. Unfortunately, the jutsu was delayed by four seconds due to the cycling of chakra within the device and during this time Subject ██████ was looking at the floor. This resulted in the blaze striking the testing chamber's floor which then spread out and delivered extreme burns to Subject ██████'s legs. In normal cases, he would have likely needed amputation, but it was not necessary in this case.

At the conclusion of the test, the device was forcibly removed from Subject ██████'s back. This resulted in the entire spinal column to be pulled out with it as well as the termination of Subject ██████. So in order to remove the device from the spine without the wearer's death, the button needs to be pressed and the device will release itself. To the side of the chamber along the spine is a dial that adjusts the amount of magnification, which also increases the time it takes for the jutsu to be cast. E.g, if dialed to 2, it would delay by one second. Set to 3, it would take two seconds. This trend continues until the dial maxes out at 11. Setting the dial to one basically makes the device useless, as jutsu can performed as they normally would while putting the wearer at risk for forcible removal.

Danger Class - Medium                     Current Possession - Rossi

Bow and Arrow


Muscle Suit


Muscle-Fiber Suit

This one of the few items in the collection that wasn't actually found and was instead created by Becquerel. Because he created it, he can also produce more if it is necessary or if an order for a muscle suit is placed. There are two variations of muscle suits, each with their own benefits. The first is an artificial muscle-fiber suit that can fit almost any size person and, because of this, can easily be mass-produced for delivery. The suit is put on similarly to donning a wet-suit with an included hood and, once properly on, the wearer is able to have it fit their form by creating a fist with both hands at the same time. When this occurs, the elastic artificial muscle fibers will tighten up to make the suit become skin-tight and to activate the strength enhancing properties. A power source is required for both suits and they are built into the waist area for muscle-fiber suit and on the lower back for the bulkier suit. This allows for ease of access for the user while also lessening the impact it would give to articulation to a minimum level.

When put to the test on Subject ██████ (standing at 2.2 meters) and Subject ████████ (standing at 1.4 meters), results were phenomenal. Upon activation of the suit, it was able to become skin-tight and active within one second without any injury or discomfort to the wearer. When put to the test, the artificial muscle-fiber suit was determined to also give a slight increase in durability of the user as the suit automatically tensed up upon application of minor blunt trauma. Though, sufficient force was determined to still cause the wearer pain when increased greatly. This, combined with the enhanced strength, can allow a wearer to perform better than they would without the suit in hand-to-hand combat. It was determined that the suit would not activated provided the wearer could lift any given weight with their own ability but, once difficulty was detected, the suit would activate instantaneously to assist in the task. Using this information, further strength tests were conducted and it was determined the maximum amount the suit can lift alone is 25 tons via overhead press. Any more causes failure to occur, as witnessed when the weight being lifted by Subject ██████ fell and crushed him. Due to the elastic nature of the suit, it was able to be salvaged after some laundering.

The while this suit does allow for greater flexibility and maneuverability, it does not protect from cutting damage even though it is more resistant to smaller blades and weaker wind jutsu than normal flesh and muscle. With sufficient force or with sharp enough blades, the artificial fibers can be severed which could damage the overall ability of the suit. Though, an added benefit of the suit is the ability to determine blood loss while applying compression to the area to prevent further loss of blood until proper medical care can be obtained.


Bulk Muscle Suit

The Bulk Muscle Suit both functions and looks much like plate armor, which means that each one produced must be made to order to fit the wearer. Because of how it is built, it can not be easily put on much like the muscle-fiber suit and must be put on section by section. A portable and easily wearable version of this suit has been considered, but there has not been sufficient demand for such a thing to warrant its research and development. This suit allows much greater protection against damage than the muscle-fiber suit from both blunt and cutting damage due to the strength and durability of the plates. The added size of the suit also allows for an implemented system audibly warns the user when the suit is almost near the weight threshold to prevent failure.

Though not as flexible or maneuverable as the artificial-muscle suit, it can vastly outperform the other by granting the strength to overhead press roughly 100 tons. Because it is modular, it is much easier to replace and repair broken or damaged parts as well as upgrade or modify pieces. Despite its weight, the strength enhancements built into the suit allow the user to maintain their normal speed as well as giving them a greater jumping and sprinting ability. As the wearer's face is covered by a defensive plate an air filtration unit as well as a heads-up display, to give the wearer sight, is built into the system. If the ocular system is damaged, the face-plate can be removed without loss suit integrity.

It is believed the Bulk Muscle Suit has a much greater potential than its current basic setting, but development has been ceased due to lack of demand and interest from potential owners.

Artificial-Muscle Suit: Danger Class - Minor                          Current Possession - Becquerel, HobbyGobby In possession of 1 million units

Bulk Muscle Suit: Danger Class - Minor                               Current Possession - Becquerel

'Random' Weapon

This weapon is likely one of the strangest within his collection, and was actually stumbled upon on an archaeological dig. When it was found it was noted to be a dagger in pristine condition, when compared to everything else found at the site, and resembled a gunong. It was promptly collected, put into a small


The 'Random' Weapon as a Cinquedea.

container, and then put into storage with the other items for observation. The following day when inspecting the items collected, the weapon managed to do two things that brought attention upon it. It had managed to break out of its container and also had turned into halberd. It was then moved to the containment chamber and placed into a container that could hold it while being monitored at all times.

At 0333 central time, the recordings caught something strange. A visual anomaly appeared around it and the weapon vanished for the course of 60 seconds. The visual anomaly could best be described as having the appearance of a bubble of warped space that appeared opaque. After the 60 seconds, the anomaly disappeared and a nunchaku was in place of the weapon. Further studies of this weapon shows that it changes form every day at 0333 central time, regardless of what it is being used for or where it is. During one test while it was a brass knuckle and being used by Subject ███████, when it was the appropriate time the visual anomaly occurred and the weapon vanished once again but Subject ███████ stated they still had the sensation of holding a weapon. After the 60 seconds, it became a Sai and Subject ███████ was able to resume using it as a weapon.

Strange things have been noted during its transformation period. One of these things is that no matter what the weapon is held in, if the weapon becomes something larger than the container it is held in post transformation it will destroy anything that was occupying the space the weapon is now occupying. This was noticed when the weapon became a massive maul that was basically a boulder on a stick and ended up completely destroying the containment chamber it was in. The second is that it does not seem to turn into weapons that either require ammo, such as a bow or crossbow, nor does it turn into ammo that is used by those weapons. It will always become a weapon that can be used as is and held by whoever uses it.

Another strange trait of this weapon is that it can even become 'One of a Kind' weapons, as exhibited when the weapon became the legendary Samehada. While it was the Samehada, it seemed to exhibit all the same traits and abilities of that weapon as shown when Subject ██ was not allowed to use it because of its sentience. Of course, after the time was up, the weapon once again changed and became a trident and lost any of the abilities it demonstrated while in its Samehada state. It is believed that there are no limits to what this weapon can become other than the one previously mentioned. But no matter how much we've tried to study it, we can't seem to determine a pattern as to what weapons it will become. It also seems to gain all the abilities and traits of the weapons it does become as when it became the Undead Wand for a day it was able to function as a perfect combo with the original Undead Shield.

There also seems to be no way to prevent the weapon from changing form, no matter how powerful of a sealing jutsu is placed on it or how many are placed on it. Once the time occurs, the weapon will change and any jutsus placed on it will be broken. This includes summoning jutsus, so a daily application of a summoning jutsu would be required for this weapon. Also, no sheathes seem to be produced when this weapon changes so a user will have to supply their own. It is unknown what this weapon's true form is, or if there even is a true form.

Danger Class - Varies                          Current Possession - Bethe

Desiccated Mutant

This is another strange piece of the collection and it's one of the few 'living' samples within. This desiccated mutant is the result of an experiment meant to create a bio organic weapon. The experiment might be considered both a success and a failure. It was a success because they were able to create a monster that could withstand and recover from any injury as well as having front claws that could cut through any material, but was a failure because they had no way to control it even with powerful genjutsu or technology. Though it was unable to be killed, it was able to be dried. This causes it to enter a kind of hibernation.

The mutant must be kept in a climate controlled chamber 24 hours a day at 0% humidity and must also have its claws propped up to ensure the tips do not come in contact with any surface. Even though the creature is dry and dormant, its claws do not seem to lose their sharpness. This was evident when ██████ was studying the mutant and accidentally hit the claw, causing it to effortlessly sink into and cut open the floor of the chamber. The exact reason for why this works is still being studied, but it seems to slice through all matter without effort regardless of nature. It is speculated that the claws are so sharp they actually sever atomic bonds.

Even in its dormant state, this mutant does not seem able to be killed. It has been rendered to dust through pulverization and was thought to have been destroyed. Upon application of water, it was able to slowly reform over some time and required to be dried again to ensure dormancy remained active. It will also soak up water from the atmosphere over time if humidity is present, which will cause it to become active even though it may take a long time for its body to recover enough to that point. If an accident occurs that causes the mutant to become active, please refer to SECINST 1027-2B on what to do once it is restrained. CAUTION!!! Decapitation does not work as a method of restraint, as it only seems to make the mutant angry and causes the body to violently thrash its claws about. 

In its active state, the creature seems to be very violent but also very hungry. It will consume whatever it kills which will also increase its body mass. Its size seems to have a finite growth point, as it seems to stop growing once it gets seven feet tall. Once it reaches that point, it also stops consuming and just attacks with reckless abandon. When it is dried, it shrinks back down to its size in containment which is three feet tall. It is also advised not to attempt sealing jutsu while it is in its active state, as it somehow manages to cut its way out of whatever it is sealed into or wherever it is sealed to. This occurred once when Subject ████████████ attempted it to seal it into a tattoo on his arm and once when it was sealed away at a location with a space-time seal. Subject ████████████ subsequently lost his arm as the Mutant cut its way out of the tattoo during one event. During the other, it seemed to appear out of thin air at the site where it was sealed as it appeared to have squeezed through an invisible gash hovering off the ground. After both events, it was captured and dried according to SECINST 1027-2B's regulations.

Danger Class - Medium                     Current Possession - Becquerel



Bliss is a drug that was created by Becquerel in an attempt to create a better chakra-enhancing pill as well as a mood enhancer. Surprisingly, it worked very well in the test runs. When consumed, the pill improves the user's mood and causes them to only feel happiness and bliss. It works well to get rid of one's depression and psychosis temporarily while under the effects of the pill, which lasts roughly six hours.

Along with being a mood enhancer, it also greatly amplifies the user's physical and chakra-related abilities. Because the only thing one can feel while under the effects of the pill is happiness, pain can not be felt and a fighter would be able to act without remorse if that was a concern for them. It does not have lasting effects though and the user may feel upset about what they have done after the dose wears off. Their strength, speed, and endurance also seems to increase dramatically as witnessed when Subject ██████ was able to kill fifty armed opponents while he he was unarmed and just relaxed beside the pile he made until the medication wore off. Subject ██████ seemed to show no signs of weakness even after having seven arrows and two daggers lodged in his body, his left arm amputated, and half of his face removed. It also seems to allow the users tolerate much more chakra usage than they normally would before passing out, as seen when Subject ██████ continued to use jutsu after jutsu without fatigue.

Example of a mutation caused by Bliss usage

This medication seemed too good to be true and it wasn't until later that its negative traits were revealed. Even if a user takes only one dose of this drug, the feelings of bliss become so seductive that they will feel psychological withdrawal symptoms. During these periods of withdrawal, the user also experiences physiological effects of fatigue, physical weakness, and lethargy. Once a user of this drug takes roughly three to five does, it will eventually trigger a physiological change in their body. The time it takes for this change to occur seems to be related to how often the user takes the drug, with the more often the drug is taken resulting in a faster mutation. It is more likely to happen when the drug user's body is in terrible shape, but can also happen during a state of bliss. Once the mutation actually starts, it's effects are very rapid and result in whole body change in seconds. There does not seem to be any way to determine exactly what kind of mutations will occur, but they all seem to relate to extremely pronounced changes to appearance to the point where they may not even traces of humanity left and increase muscle mass.


Example of a mutation caused by Bliss usage

When mutated, the user becomes extremely dangerous and will only be able to be sedated if they are kept on a steady supply of Bliss or receive closure in whatever it is was in life that plagued them. For example, if one turned to bliss to get over the loss of their child they seem to become inactive and blissful once in the proximity of a child or their child's possessions. The several subjects that have mutated must be kept in a specialized containment chamber as they seem to be able to tear through steel with their claws, teeth, or limbs as easily as one would tear paper. They also do not seem to be easily destroyed, as their flesh hardens and they show no effects when damaged. But they can be killed, this was witnessed when Subject ████ was attacked by relentlessly by a group of specialized ninja after turning. It took a very large amount of effort as the mutant seemed to regenerate all damage almost instantaneously, but eventually the mutant succumbed to the attack and its body collapsed and stopped moving.

There does seem to be a way to control these mutants, but that secret is guarded and known by only one to make sure they do not get out of control. Hopefully one day Bliss can either be refined in order to no longer cause the mutational effects. Perhaps one day also a 'perfect' subject may be found that can only benefit from Bliss and will not end up mutating. But considering the many subjects that were given Bliss that all resulted in mutations, such a subject is not likely to be found.

Danger Class - Medium                     Current Possession of Bliss Supply and Production - Becquerel

Hunk of Metal

This metal alloy was created from ore of two metals that are believed to have been carried in meteors that struck this planet long ago and, because of this, is extremely rare. Becquerel has managed to collect samples of the metals over time from various locations, including the back of Jhen Moran after the attack on Sunagakure as well as from deep within the mountains of Otogakure. He is always looking for more samples in order to create more of the alloy because of it's amazing properties. The massive refinery within Becquerel's lab seems to be one of the few, if not the only, places that can refine and create this alloy.

Testing for durability of this alloy required very few subjects, and it was all able to be done in the ballistics testing chamber with available equipment. Testing shows that this alloy is not only resistant to all forms of damage, but also is capable of absorbing and completely nullifying kinetic energy. The metal has undergone a myriad of tests, ranging from elemental methods to physical ones, which all had similar results. One test consisted of the metal being placed on a pedestal in front of a cannon. When the cannon was fired, the cannonball struck the cube of metal and harmlessly fell to the ground with a large deformation of the cannonball but no damage or movement to the cube. Even when the power and strength of the canon was magnified, results ended up being the same.

When a similar tests were conducted with a variety of elemental abilities, the metal was left completely unscathed and unaltered. A stream of electricity was halted upon contact with the metal with no conductivity at all when Subject ██████ touched the opposite side of the metal. The same occurred when the metal was struck with an extremely powerful heat, with no change to the temperature to the metal. Pressurized water rebounded harmlessly off of it, cutting wind was dissipated, and attempting to crush it resulted in the breaking of the machine exerting the pressure. Even when exposed to a heavy dose of radiation for a prolonged period of time revealed no residual radiation on the metal once taken out of the exposure zone.

Becquerel currently possessed a cube of metal that is one square foot in size, but hopes to get more of it as its applications are almost limitless. The most closely guarded secret is the method which Becquerel is able to refine and mold this ore, which has not been revealed to any others. He has also not determined a name for this metal, but may come up with one soon.

Danger Class - Unknown                              Current Possession - Becquerel

The Door

This door was discovered at █████'s Inn after multiple complaints of patrons and cleaning staff going missing. When a team was sent out to investigate, they discovered the anomaly immediately. According to the owner, the door did not always function like this but had previously been nothing more than an average door. Upon visual inspection the door did not seem to be more than a simple oak door, but its effect was noticeable upon opening and trying to pass through the threshold. Even though the assigned team members could see the room beyond the door, attempting to pass through the threshold would result in whatever passed through to disappear. Extraction was deemed absolutely necessary and carried out promptly, removing the door frame assembly. Once removed, entry into the room was completed without issue.

After the door was taken back to the lab and propped up in the center of a containment chamber, further testing was done to find out the functionality of the anomaly. Subject ███ was utilized for the initial testing. When the door was opened, there was once again no visual anomalies as both sides could be viewed through as it appeared to be nothing more than an open door. Once Subject ███ stepped through the threshold, he disappeared and all contact was lost; Subject ███ status is still missing.

Further testing was performed with Subject █████, who was tethered down with rope tied around his waist. When Subject █████ passed through the threshold, he too went missing but was able to respond by tugging on the rope. After five minutes had passed, tension was applied to the rope and Subject █████ was pulled back through the threshold. He indicated that passing through the door led him into some desert, but that the door vanished as soon as he took his eyes off of it, leaving the rope suspended in mid-air and leaving him unable to return. Subsequent testing came with erratic results as no pattern could be indication on where the door would lead and it was discovered that so long as the door is kept at least in one's peripheral vision then it will not disappear, which allows one to return. Maximum testing period allowed is five minutes unless otherwise prescribed and visual recordings must be taken with each test; Recordings can be reviewed in records.

One test came with extremely strange results as Subject █████ described his location as a large and empty black space filled with only a screen-like projection that supposedly displayed what someone else was seeing. When he approached the screen, he stated he was able to 'step into' it and take control of that person's actions. During this period, he felt as if he was struggling the entire time which may indicate that control may only be taken if one's willpower is more than the person they're controlling. He was unsure who the person was and where they were, but stated that the surroundings seemed like something out of a history book; this indicates that the person may potentially be from another point in time even. After the five minutes, he was removed as per protocol without any issue. This did not happen again on subsequent testing, indicating that this may be a very rare occurrence or may even be fabricated as no visual recording was taken at that time.

Danger Class - Minor Current Possession - Becquerel

Soup Spoon

This spoon is likely one of the least threatening looking objects in the collection, but it also has one of the stranger abilities. It was discovered in an ancient city, in a chamber that was believed to hold some kind of religious significance. One can only speculate what it's original intentions were, considering its strange ability. This spoon has the ability to scoop up any material and convert it into a kind of jelly-like consistency with a capacity of 1.5 tablespoons. No matter what the object is, the spoon seems to be able to scoop right into it regardless of how hard the material is or what it's made of. But perhaps the strangest thing, and a possible reason for why this tool was created, is that the spoon will never spill and can only be emptied by eating the contents.

During tests performed on Subjects █████, ███, and ███████ we were able to determine the spoon's abilities. During Subject █████'s experiment, a steel ingot was used, followed by a sample of Thorium. The spoon was able to scoop through the materials and fill each time, this resulted in the spoon's contents to be jellied and the remaining piece to retain its qualities. As Subject █████ ate the metal, he said that it went down easily but started to complain of a stomach ache half-way through. After completing both samples, Subject █████ eventually ended up dying due to radiation poisoning and an autopsy revealed that the samples regained their solid quality once it hit their gut.

Subject ███ was given a sample that contained various clustered items. Sugar, sand, cotton, gravel, and a sample of chakra from one using Kaiten were all turned into a jelly consistency while in the spoon even though they were clustered or strange items. He also complained of stomach pain, but had no ill effects from his  After performing a gastric lavage, it was found that once again the contents regained their qualities after being ingested. On the other hand, Subject ███████ was given a sample of molten iron. It may have gained a jelly-like consistency when scooped, but it was difficult to tell because the object was already soupy. When placed into ███████'s mouth, the molten iron burned through his throat while he attempted to swallow it and ended up spilling out onto the floor. Subject ██████ soon perished afterwards, but it lead us to discover that even though a material may be converted to a jelly-like consistency it still retains any heat or lack of heat that the object may have. The spoon also seemed to show no signs of temperature change, leading us to believe that it may fall into the indestructible category.

This tool seems to have a very unique ability that, while it may be useful to get through almost every defense, would take too much time and be too far impractical to be put into use. That is why we are lead to believe that this might have actually been used as a kind of torture or punishment device. Either that or it was used as a way to secretly transport valuable materials or materials that would normally be too difficult break down while avoiding detection. But because it requires the spoon's contents to be swallowed before more can be collected, it would be very time consuming and dangerous to the consumer's life.

Danger ClassMinor                     Current Possession - Becquerel

Organic Metal

This mass of metal was collected from the body of a ninja many years ago and was put in containment for safety. History of this object has been managed to be pieced together to further understand exactly what this object is. Long ago, this metal arrived to this planet much like an asteroid and was found by the ninja it was extracted from later on. When they came in contact with the metal, it invaded their body and attempted to take over. Though the ninja was able to suppress the metal's attempts, he still supposedly suffered from bouts of insanity caused by the metal overtaking his mind. During these brief breaks of lucidity when the metal was in charge of his body, it would attempt to further its take-over of his body while also causing wide-spread destruction of anything around it.

Because of this information, it is determined that this metal is not only organic but also sentient and full of malice. Though it has displayed a high level of intelligence in the past while in control of its prior host, any attempts in communication have been rather fruitless. It seems that without a host or a sufficient amount of itself, it can not effectively communicate through methods other than telepathic-class communication. Even utilizing those methods, most responses have been simple and consisting of words related to 'destroy' and 'consume'.

The metal seems to consume organic material and uses that material to further strengthen itself. Its size should not be an indicator of its potential size as, when placed in a large containment chamber and, it was able to extend several large tendrils towards a piece of meat that was introduced to the chamber to convert the meat into more metal. It then returned to its 'original' size and remained inactive towards any further testing. It only acted up again once more organic material was introduced, regardless if the organic material was meat or plant-based. It is unsure exactly what size this metal can achieve, but due to its nature it has been determined to be unsafe enough to not warrant further investigation.

It appears to function similarly to the Earth Grudge Fear technique in the sense that it consists of countless metal wires that make up its whole 'being', but also has several key differences. It seems to have much more tensile strength than the wires used by Earth Grudge Fear users, and they are also much more durable as the wires were unable to be severed using an assortment of blades. Any damage that was incurred through the various methods of testing seemed to rapidly be repaired through an inherent healing factor. The wires are also extremely malleable, able to take the form and shape of anything it desires and effectively allowing it to have limitless potential as a weapon. When the previous host was in control, he was also able to utilize a method of healing others with the metal. Even though the metal normally absorbs organic material, he was able to use specialized red wires to replace lost organic material from another person. Reports say this process was extremely painful, but also extremely effective as it could even restore dead 'patients' to life provided there was enough material to start with, heal damage that has been in place for a long time, or recreate limbs that might have been lost.

Danger Class - █████                                   Current Possession - Becquerel

Frustrating Dart Board


This object was recovered at ██████'s bar after numerous fights had occurred at the location due games being played with it. The bar's owner did not recall when he got the dart board or where he got it from, stating that it 'just kinda been there for as long as I remember'. Though it appears to be a standard dart board, it was deemed worthy for containment because of its bizarre nature. No matter what is thrown towards it, nothing is able to ever hit the game surface of it. The effect was replicated in the lab every time it was tested, regardless of test subject or thrown object.

The following is a log of every test performed, as well as end result.

--- Standard darts thrown towards dart board - Darts curved in random directions mid-flight to strike the wall behind the board. --- Kunai, thrown using various methods and techniques - Same effect as darts, curved away in mid-air to miss their target. --- A knife, used to stab the board - Every attempt caused the aggressor's arm to move out of the way and hit the wall. Aggressor stated 'I have no idea why but I feel like I'm hitting it every single time but then I realize I missed.' --- Napalm, fired out of a hose towards the board - Scorched the entire wall behind it, but the board was untouched. --- A cannon, with the barrel placed directly against the board and secured in a way that would not allow for any movement due to recoil - Even when it should be physically impossible, the round always managed to strike the wall beside the board. Often, the cannon misfired as well. --- Shrapnel, fired at extremely high speeds through the use of a magnetic rail gun - Round still curved away in mid-air. --- A punch directed at the board - Same effect as the knife, no contact made.

Besides the seeming ability to not be touched, the board can be handled just fine as long as one doesn't attempt to grab the game surface of it. Perhaps a practical application for it can allow it to be used as a shield? Further testing is required and object is currently classified as not dangerous.

Danger Class - None                                   Current Possession - Becquerel

Grey Goo

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