Black Blooded Dehydration

Black Blooded Dehydration Direct


Literal English

Black Blooded Dehydraion

Viz manga

Black Blood Dehyrdation

English TV

Black Blooded Dehydration


Nari's Black Fog


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Nature Icon Dark Dark Water Release




Offensive, Supplementary


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  • Saizo Naritoshi
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 First the user expels a large amount of blood from their body, which takes the form of a black fog once it meets the air. Anyone who inhales this mist is drained of both chakra and water in massive quantities. Once enough is gathered, the mixture begins to turn silver in color and condenses everything in the surrounding area. This crushing force can bend and break even the most sturdy of structures. Advanced users can modify this technique by drawing blood and water directly from the pores of their victim. This mixture, while it is more fluid-like, serves the same purpose as the later technique. Its only benefit is that it can be used with lower risk to the user, since they do not expel their own blood. It should be noted that this technique can kill the user if used more than once in one day, through instant dehydration. To make up for the immense loss of blood the user's chakra is depleted significantly.

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