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Udewa Kettō

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Bloodline Bracelet


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The Bloodline Bracelet is a "Ninja Science Tool" developed in joint effort between Bio-engineer, Saiteki Misumi, and Machinist, Kira.

As you might assume from the name, this tool is worn upon the forearm/wrist of the user. When worn, this tool grants the user access to Kekkei Genkai that they would otherwise not be able to use. In order to do so, however, a modified sample of the Kekkei Genkai DNA must be inserted into the device. In the case of Dōjutsu, this is usually the eye itself, for all others it takes the form of a modified capsule. Wearing the

Bloodline Bracelet worn by one of Kira's persona, Yuriko.

Bracelet with a Kekkei Genkai implanted will let the wearer use techniques associated with that bloodline. For example; a Rinnegan inserted into the receptacle will grant the wielder Six Paths abilities, with exception. Likewise, a sample of DNA containing Yōton will allow them to cast Lava Release Ninjutsu, regardless of their own affinity.

Because of the advanced nature of this item, it is not something that can simply be picked up and put on. The would-be wearer must first undergo a surgery to allow the Bracelet to graft to their chakra network, thus linking them to the Kekkei they wish to use.

There are some limits as to what this tool can do. For example;

  • Only one Kekkei Genkai can be loaded into it at any given time.
  • While the user gains the ability to use the Bloodline, they do not gain the knowledge, and must learn the techniques by another means.
  • Using techniques through the Bracelet causes above average chakra use.
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