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Body-Mind Cross Technique




体 - 精神 クロス


Karada - Seishin Kurosu

Literal English

Body-Mind Cross








Hand seals

Bird - Tiger - Rat


  • Akatami
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A genjutsu technique developed by Akatami  herself.

The requirement to initiate this genjutsu is to make the opponent unable to move by paralyzing/immobilizing him. The immobilization needs not last longer than one second under optimal circumstances. This can be acquired by using poisons, powders, knocking him unconscious or other genjutsu techniques.

The goal is to break the cortical control of the opponent's muscles. The genjutsu is then initiated with the needed hand signs, resulting in a wrong execution of the opponent's movements. Namely, his brain recognizes his left leg as his right arm and his right leg as his left arm and vice versa. This results in the opponent's disability to control his limbs, causing him to stumble and fall, tossing his legs and arms around. The effects last fairly long. To adapt to this new layout a significant amount of time is needed which could be lethal in battle. The genjutsu can not be negated through Doujutsu, as it is not a visual one. To negate it, exceptional chakra control is needed to restore the proper chakra flow, or a strong injury, such as a stab wound, to disrupt the chakra flow and normalize it.

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