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Bone Strengthening Pills


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The Bone Strengthening Pill is a pill that, once ingested, causes the calcium levels of the body shoot through the roof.

For the average individual, such a thing is practically a slow suicide pill - the amount of calcium that this contains is lethal. The consumer will suffer a bad case of hypervitaminosis. Within 30 minutes roughly, the bones will start to hurt. Around the first hour, motor problems. After three hours, even the most durable individual won't be able to move. If one does not receive treatment soon enough, it may even cause death.

However, that does not apply to everyone.

In the case of those who have mastered the Shikotsumyaku bloodline limit, the pill works to their advantage instead.

As a Shikotsumyaku user control the calcium in their bodies with their chakra, they can gather up the excess calcium and use it to strengthen their bones beyond the limit.

As their body can gather up the calcium quickly, the user's bones can become up to 2 times harder within the first 10 minutes, and possibly up to 2 and a half times harder around the first hour. After that, the effect starts to gradually lessen until a full 24 hours have passed, after which the bones have returned to their usual density.

However, that doesn't mean that there are no risks, or drawbacks.

The invention of those pills was requested in the case the user requires a quick boost during a time of need, and thus there are long-term drawbacks.

For starters, while the user's body can handle the excessive amounts of calcium, it doesn't mean that the struggle to regulate it doesn't tire it out, not to mention that the calcium also requires time in order to ensure that it has been filtered out of the body.

As such, according to medical research, one week is the 'safe time' after which one may re-take the pill.

Not following that may cause even a Shikotsumyaku user to suffer from the same symptoms of Hypervitaminosis - though there is a far lesser chance of it being deadly. Taking more than one pill at once on the other hand will surely lead to Hypervitaminosis, and possibly even death if one doesn't receive medical care as soon as possible, as even a Shikotsumyaku user's body can't handle more than one of those pills.

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