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Brother (兄, Ani) and Sister (妹, Imōto) are a pair of puppets created by Eikan, they are based on the designs of the original Mother and Father puppets made by the puppet master Sasori. The appearance of the sister puppet is that of a human female with long white hair and green eyes, wearing a white kimono with blue outlines, and an obi sash around its waist. The brother puppet is a humanoid puppet with orange color hair and a Mohawk; it has two blues curves on sides of its head. It wears a blue kimono with a white outline and an orange color belt. The Brother and Sister puppets are always used in a pair and similar to the Kenshi puppet is very easy to use. The brother puppet is kept in a black colored scroll while the sister puppet on the other hand is kept inside a green colored scroll.

Since the creation of the puppets, Eikan has continually modified the puppets, adding a variety of weapon and accessories inside the puppets, so that they can be effectively used in battle. Although unlike most of the puppets in his collection, Eikan has not coated any of the weapons inside the two puppets with poison. Both the puppets have a chakra shield installed in their arms, as well as steel wires that they can link together with their fingers for cutting. The Brother puppet wields a katana, while the Sister puppet wields a large scythe. The puppets also have pipes attached to each of their hands that are capable of spewing powerful jets of water. The Brother and Sister puppets can shoot pressurized streams of water from the pipes in their palms, functioning similarly to a canon. These puppets use scrolls to replenish their ammunition.

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