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Cain was the first gun he created through Earthen Conversion, the design of which he had been thinking of for half a year beforehand. Created, using Earth chilled in the land of frost, the handgun is cold to the touch, capable of causing frostbite to anybody that doesn't have the ability to stave off such effects. Because the use of real bullets are not allowed(?), the inside of the weapon is hollow. The hollowed section of the weapon, contains two seals. The first seal is obviously the Hiraishin Marker, just to make sure that he's able to bring it back to him if it was taken for some reason. The second seal is the Sage Seal, the bullets aiming to compose of pure natural energy. Cain is a sterling silver gun with the name scribbled on the sides of the gun. The natural bullets have an icing effect, capable of freezing the wound and slowly spreading. The rate of the spreading depends on how much natural energy is used.


Cain Slow Shooting

Much like an bow and arrow, Cain is a tool for the purposes of utilizing long range combat. Much like it's counterpart Abel, Cain is meant to fully utilize the insensible nature of the energy of nature itself. With the seal inside, acting as cartridges (or clips), any master of Shizenjutsu can manipulate the energy in the desired fashion without slipping into one of their relative states of Sage Mode.

Because of the degree of pure control, the user exhibits whilst using this weapon, the amount of bullets he can shoot out is capped at eighteen. Without the proper control, the Sage Seal will only produce six before needing to be refilled. If one is inside Sage Mode, they can fill the seal, but it would cost them two turns of the Sage Mode to do so.

Cain Quick Shooting

Bullets visable to Sages

Because of the freezing effect of the weapon, prolonged contact with the weapon can cause someone not of the Yuki blood to suffer from frostbite. If that person was to continue to hold onto the weapon even after developing frostbite, the ice can creep up that person's arm until it eventually freezes the body... in like, five turns if forced to hold the item. This effect works for the bullets as well, effecting the area pierced. It's effect on one with the strongest shield, requires two bullets to hit the same spot, having tested it on himself to make sure of the necessary piercing power. While the ice may get shrugged off, considering those that possess the Strongest Shield, is either Yuki or has Scorch Release. To those without said shield, the bullet has a very high chance of punching through the intended target with relative ease. Dependent on the technique used to shield themselves, the bullet can encounter a bit of resistance, which can only cause said bullet to be within the body a split second longer than necessary.

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