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Chakra Absorption Techniques (チャクラ吸引術, Chakura Kyūin Jutsu; English TV "Chakra Absorption Jutsu") are techniques that allow the user to absorb another individual's chakra. They are typically used to absorb chakra from an opponent and add it to the user's own chakra reserves, allowing them to utilise it as if it were their own, while simultaneously exhausting the opponent's physical energy and limiting the techniques that they can perform.

Some ninja, such as Yoroi Akadō, Jirōbō, Orochimaru and Kisame Hoshigaki are able to use this technique by merely coming into contact with an opponent, while most ninja require a medium to absorb chakra through. The great blade Samehada is able to absorb its opponents chakra as well as share it with its wielder.[1]


  • In reference to Yoroi's use of the ability, Orochimaru describes it as "unholy" but never goes into detail.
  • Although unnamed (and more of an ability rather than a technique), Samehada and Kisame possessed the ability to absorb chakra.
  • The Aburame Clan's kikaichū feed on the chakra of their hosts and opponents.
  • Other tools such as Yukigakure's Chakra Armour and the Takumi Village's Infinite Armour grant the ability to absorb chakra.


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