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Chakra Liquid

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Chakra Liquid


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  • Sebastian
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By pressing his middle fingers into his palm with his other fingers stretched out, Sebastian can reveal special spray cannons built into his wrists. These cannons can "liquidise" his chakra and then shape it into weapons such as whips or swords. He can shoot liquid balls that can bind the opponent or stick them together with their ally, which prevents them from forming hand seals. He can shoot it at such high pressure that it can even shatter rocks. The substance is so durable that even when consecutively struck with a solid gold statue, it didn't break. It lasts two to three days before it crumbles. Sebastian claims that it was because he was such a foul person that his chakra had turned into what it was.


  • This technique seems to be heavily inspired by Spider-Man's webbing, particularly from the animated series in the early nineties where he used a device similar to Sebastian's to produce his webbing. This is shown in the hand movement Sebastian performs, the general characteristics of the fluid produced and even down to the fact that it eventually breaks down with time.
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