Chakra Solidification



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Due to his Raikon family bloodline, Athos has the ability to harden his chakra to extreme levels, making his very chakra a great defensive or offensive weapon. How? Instead of using the chakra and transfering it into an element, he uses the raw state before the transfer and utilizes it as a mold to make weapons and such. People also ask how does he throw it and why does't it fall since it is hardened and therefore it has mass. Yes but chakra is a weightlress substance so when it is hardened to match an object it does gain weight but not as much as the wepon it is crafted after making it light and able to be controlled by fuinjutsu.

Recently Athos has created an advanced form of Fuinjutsu that allows people to use this ability, binding his own blood to allow it to work, a modified form of the seal upon his left arm.

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