Basic Abilities

These Bi-pedal Chameleons have the ability to shapeshift. Allowing them to alter their own: shape, size, color, texture, material, density, transparency, etc. to essentially become anything they choose and to become invisible. Also they're scaly skin has small hooks that allow them to cling to other objects. Chameleons have the most distinctive eyes of any reptile. The upper and lower eyelids are joined, with only a pinhole large enough for the pupil to see through. They can rotate and focus separately to observe two different objects simultaneously, this lets their eyes move independently from each other. This gives them a full 360-degree arc of vision around their body. When prey is located, both eyes can be focused in the same direction, giving sharp stereoscopic vision and depth perception. Chameleons have very good eyesight for reptiles, letting them see small insects from a long (5–10 m) distance. Like snakes, chameleons do not have an outer or a middle ear, so there is neither an ear opening nor an eardrum. However, chameleons are not deaf: they can detect sound frequencies in the range 200–600 Hz. Chameleons have very long tongues (sometimes longer than their own body length) which they are capable of rapidly extending out of the mouth. The tongue extends out faster than human eyes can follow, at around 26 body lengths per second. The tongue hits the prey in about 30 thousandths of a second. The tongue of the chameleon is a complex arrangement of bone, muscle and sinew. At the base of the tongue there is a bone and this is shot forward giving the tongue the initial momentum it needs to reach the prey quickly. At the tip of the elastic tongue there is a muscular, club-like structure covered in thick mucus that forms a suction cup. Chameleons can also see in both visible and Ultraviolet light.

Normal Chameleons

These Chameleons are grey in color and are mainly used to transform into other obects.

Ninja Chameleons

These Chameleons come in 5 different colors. They are capable of performing ninjutsu of a specific element depending on their color.

Red = Fire

Blue = Water

Yellow = Lightning

Green = Wind

Brown = Earth

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