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Mythological Background

In Greek mythology, Charybdis (or Kharybdis) was once a beautiful naiad and the daughter of Poseidon and Gaia. She assumes the form of a huge bladder of a creature whose face is all mouth and whose arms and legs are flippers. She swallows a huge amount of water three times a day, before belching it back out again, creating large whirlpools capable of dragging a ship underwater. In some variations of the story, Charybdis is simply a large whirlpool instead of a sea monster. Once a lovely maiden, Charybdis was loyal to her father in his endless feud with Zeus. She rode the hungry tides after Poseidon stirred up a storm, directing them onto beaches, destroying entire villages, submerging fields and drowning forests, claiming all in her path for the sea. She claimed so much land for her father's kingdom that Zeus became enraged and changed her into a monster. In mythology Charybdis lies on one side of a narrow channel. Opposite her is Scylla, another sea-monster. The sides of the strait are within an arrow shot of each other, and sailors attempting to avoid one of them will come in reach of the other. 'Between Scylla and Charybdis' thus means to having to choose between two dangers, either of which brings harm. The theoretical size of Charybdis remains unknown, yet in order to consume Greek ships the whirlpool can be estimated to about 75 feet across. Charybdis has been associated with the Strait of Messina, off the coast of Sicily and opposite a rock on the mainland identified with Scylla. Were Charybdis to be located in the Strait of Messina it would in fact have the size to accommodate the whirlpool. A whirlpool does exist there, caused by currents meeting, but it is seldom dangerous.

Strength Prowess

The beast can only move in extremely large bodies of water, never actually being seen by anyone, not even it's summoner. It's speed within the water is matched by none, even for something it's size. If the beast were to ram into the underside of an island, it would cause several large eruptions and earthquakes that would cause the island to break and even sink, depending on the island's size. Charbdis' mouth can open to extreme lengths at inhumane speeds, allowing the beast to be able to swallow fair sized islands in a single swallow.


Charybdis, the beast that once lay within a narrow canal, now roams around the land of Uzushiogakure freely.

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