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Unique Traits

  • Flight

Venomous Bite

Poisonous Breath

Inimidating Appearance


A fearsome predator, and even more terrifying foe, the Cockatrice very rarely gets taller than two feet high and three feet long, but packs a deadly blow to any who oppose it; however, in times when it grows to larger sizes, a height larger than five feet has never been recorded. With poisonous breath, sharp teeth, venomous bite, and powerful beak, it looks as intimidating as it is.

With the head of a rooster and the body of a dragon, it resembles the Basilisk, but not nearly as destructive. The pseudo-dragon lives in thickly forested areas near the mountains. Pines are their haven, and they build their nests there within the tall, shady trees. Their calls will sometimes echo loudly through the forested area, sounding very much like a Banshee, and scaring any other animals from their habitat. They have no particular affinity, though all do have venom, eat almost anything, and are solitary creatures.

Their colors are usually either red or green, both being varying shades, but their unmistakeable comb is always a brilliant crimson color and their eyes golden. They are not at all pleasant looking creatures, but they were not meant for beauty; instead, they were built for terror and destruction.

Very rarely will any females attach themsellves to owners, so it is best to steer clear of them due to their temperamental nature.

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