editCorelion Lelouche Shikaru

Masked Core






Gender Male Male


Humanoid Dragon/Demon Hybrid

  • Part I: 15
  • Part II: 21
Blood type



Chaotic Neutral

Kekkei Genkai

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Missing Nin

Gang Boss of The Justicars


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    The Justicars
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    Lancer Drakes

The Justicars


  • Balmung Dragon Clan
  • Frost Demon Clan


Ninja Rank
Ninja Registration


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Red triangular markings on his face that ater when he uses his Kekkei Genkai
  • Double layered golden eyes
  • One single spike of hair atop his head


Casual Theme

Battle Theme

Serious Battle Theme


  • Wind Release: Cyclone Cylinder Compression
  • Wind Release: Divine Wind Attack
  • Wind Release: Great Breakthrough
  • Wind Release: Great Expansion
  • Wind Release: Limitless Breakthrough
  • Wind Release: Opulent Maelstrom
  • Wind Release: Pressurized Knockout Technique
  • Wind Release: Rasengan
  • Rasengan
  • Large Rasengan
  • Wind Release: Twisting Fang
  • Ryukidosengan
  • Wind Release: Vacuum Great Sphere
  • Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves
  • Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere
  • Wind Release: Vacuum Wave
  • Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm
  • Wind Release: Wind Cutter
  • Wind Release: Wind Enhanced Tools
  • Wind Release: Wind Explosion
  • Vacuum Sword
  • Vanishing Rasengan
  • Wind Knight Slicer
  • Wind Release: Air Bullets
  • Wind Release: Astral Aura
  • Wind Release: Beast Tearing Gale Palm
  • Wind Release: Beast Tearing Palm
  • Cloud-Style Crescent Moon Beheading
  • Cloud-Style Gale Dismembering
  • True Draconian Frenzy
  • Existence Beheading
  • Flash
  • Rupture
  • Iai Beheading
  • Iaidō
  • Nine Lives (Copied)
  • Ninja Art: Shiden Blade
  • Ninja Art: Sword Halt
  • Sword Technique: Reverse Swallow
  • Ice Release: Shadow Clone
  • Dragon Style: Dragon Senbon Assault
  • Dragon Style: Dragon Claw
  • Dragon Style: Ryukidosengan
  • Dragon Style: Ryukidorengan
  • Dragon Style: Dragon's Iron Roar
  • Dragon Style: Dragon's Fiery Roar
  • Dragon Style: Dragon's Lightning Roar
  • Dragon Style: Dragon's Icy Roar
  • Dragon Style: Dragons Sky Roar
  • Dragon Style: Dragon Scale Armor
  • Dragon Style: Dragon Summoning
  • Dragon Style: Assault Wing
  • Dragon Style: Assault Claws
  • Dragon Style: Dragon Sense
  • Dragon Style Hidden Jutsu: Dragon's Elemental Roar
  • Dragon Style Hidden Jutsu: Dragon's Wing Slash
  • Dragon Style Hidden Jutsu: Dragon King's Roar
  • Dragon Style Hidden Jutsu: True Draconic Fury
  • Dragon Style Hidden Jutsu: Iblis
  • Dragon Style Hidden Jutsu: Great Dragon Destructive Wave
  • Dragon Style Ultimate Ninjutsu: True Dragon God's Judgement Roar
  • Dragon Style Ultimate Genjutsu: Solaris Flames of the Dragon God
  • Dragon Style Ultimate Taijutsu: Eternal Dragon God's Claw Assault
  • Dragon Style Final Technique: Judgement of the Eternal Dragon God

  • Bingo Book
  • Tantō
  • Antidotes
  • Dimension rings
  • D-Arm
  • Fūma Shuriken
  • Explosive Tag
  • Balmung Clan Ninjato
  • Kunai
  • Nagamaki
  • Defender the Shield Tech-Blade
  • Shuriken
  • Wire
  • Akatsuki Ring (Kyu)
Corelion Lelouche Shikaru is an odd Shinobi, with an even odder Fashion Sense. He was born of the union of Ratatosk and Sophitia, inheriting his Mother's unnatural strength and Dragon Clan Bloodline and his Fathers Demonic tendencies and speed. Due to this he is able to use abilities that far surpass any simple Shinobi, and accomplish feats thought impossible by normal standards. He recently resided in the village of Uzushiogakure, the largest Village in the known Shinobi World, as a member of Tobias' personal Army and the Captain of his own team.

More recently he's taken up residence in the Land of Farms, as the Shodaime Nokakage of the largest village there. (Nogyorigakure no Sato) As such, he's made his home both inside the village at his manor and outside it in the Valley of Dragons where the rest of the Dragons and Dragon Hybrids have taken refuge, specifically in the Terran territory which is his clans (Balmung) Dragon Typing.

While in the midst of an enormous tragedy that befell the village of Uzushiogakure, Core suddenly was stripped of his title of Nokakage, becoming no more than a villageless Shinobi with no safe zone around him thanks to the active warrant for his arrest that was posted by the former leader, Tobias. He made a hasty retreat alongside his 20 man team of men who all went their separate ways upon getting to the Slums of Uzu, forcing him to hide out alone and away from prying eyes. His body also reverted to the unstable state it was in when he returned to the Shinobi Realm which, thankfully also wiped his chakra signature from the face of the world.

He is a powerful Enemy, and a loyal friend and, despite his goofy outlook on life, he is quite ruthless and calculating when needed and will not hesitate to use someone or something to his advantage.


Corelion wears quite the odd ensemble during his daily routine. He wears a red a black Naruto-like Jacket, with what seems to be a baggy blue cloth jumpsuit underneath, separated by a basic brown belt around his waist, with black boots with magenta soles completing his very odd outfit. He bears striking, double ringed eyes which give him a fierce look whenever he opens them. His hair is also quite striking, as it is an unusual hue of Teal. His face bears a large scar on his right eye that he has had since he was about 13 years old, and he also has strange red Triangular markings on his cheeks that extend just below his eyes which seem to alter their own appearance during his transformations. His eyes have this same ability, altering to a red during times of stress or crisis depending on how much stress is put on him. Though he is quite the odd beast to look at, he is overall the same as any human on the outside, though he seems to age much slower than Humans, thanks to his Dragon and Demon Bloodlines giving him a far longer lifespan than humans.

After becoming the Captain of the newly formed Lancer Drakes, a subsect of the Uzushiogakure Armed Forces, Corelion opted to don a new attire based on his new position within the Uzushiogakure Armies. Although he kept his Naruto-like jacket, he opted for a thinner material with a larger collar. He also decided to trade in his baggy jumpsuit he usually wore with a skin tight undersuit which consisted of a short-sleeved torso area and a lower body area which only extended halfway downward on his thighs to create a sort of form-fitting full-body undergarment. As he traded in his full Jumpsuit, he had to create a new set of pants for him to wear. These pants were made of an extremely light-looking material, when in all actuality they were extremely heavy. The pants were baggy enough to give off the amount of freedom he would need on a battlefield, along with his new, modified black boots now complete with a zipper for ease of use. Despite his new uniforms, complete with gloves, rather light looking appearance, the materials he wears are actually extremely heavy. To any normal person, this weight would nearly crush them, including his modified jacket. The total amount of weight Corelion is currently sporting in his everyday life with tis new ensemble (which looks far better and normal than his former) is around 18 tons or so. The only main reason Corelion is able to carry this massive amount of weight (Minus his undersuit which weighs less than a pound) is due to his Human body's naturally developed strength and his true nature as a Dragon, goving him already inhuman strength to begin with. Corelion seems unfazed by the weight being pressed on top of himself and instead seems to enjoy it, having once said "Hell, just walking around in the stuff is like training for an entire month with my Mother." giving off the indication that these clothes are his training uniform. However, even though Corelion possesses an incredible amount of strength and speed even with the clothing, nobody knows just how fast he can really become nor how strong if he removes it all including his gloves, though it has been speculated he could be able to go faster than the speed of sound by almost 5 times, clocking him in at about 4,000 mph. The weight of his clothing also seems to explain the craters he usually leaves when he lands from areas higher than 4 stories off the ground, though he is able to exchange his weighted clothing for normal versions.

He has recently updated his appearance upon returning to the Shinobi world, now bearing a goatee, a new scar, and a new, wildman-esque appearance with the jacket and waist cover made from his own dragon scales, giving bot a unique sheen. His uniform, save the jacket and cover, are now unweighted and normal clothing he redesigned from his younger self after he paid a trip back to the forest of death where his home once stood, and now has an equally strange attire with bandages covering his stomach for reasons unknown and a new belt named the "D-Gear Red" which he uses to stabilize his existence in this world after dimension hopping too much.

After adopting a new training regimen with his men, and becoming the new Nokakage, Core was injured during a training session, resulting in him needing a device on his left arm where his pauldron usually sat. Using the device as an excuse, he switched up his wardrobe once more to a more regal, intimidating set of armor inspired by the samurai of the continent and traditional shinobi garb. As he developed the new device, his belt he used to stabilize his body broke apart and, with the excess parts, he redeveloped his shoulder device into his new stabilizer. Now, with data of the coins he'd used up to that point loaded into his new shoulder device, he was able to transform on the fly without stopping in the middle of battle and he added in a solar power source for it and bio-battery that stored the excess energy he collected. His new garb, being rather flashy, also has the ability to change colors depending on his mental state or his situation, making it ideal for any problems he gets into.


Corelion's personality is as odd as his looks. He can be goofy and aloof nearly all the time, usually playing or being the idiot in many situations. However, that all changes during battles when his goofy and aloof personality does a complete 180 and turns to a cold and calculating fighter. When in a serious battle, Corelion can completely throw off his opponent with his calculative mind, making notes of everything happening and able to make decisions at a split seconds notice. That, combined with his destructive power and even more destructive Dragon Style at his disposal, makes him by far one of the most deadly and dangerous members of his rather large family. Though once a battle ends, he almost immediately becomes his goofy and aloof self. There is never a dull moment outside of battles, as he is also very kind and loving. Though he will never state it, his one goal in life is to bring peace through love. He simply wishes to make everybody happy, especially his family, for which he shares special bonds with each of his sisters and his Mother though he has barely spent any time with his older brothers. He normally goofs off during the daytime and nighttime, choosing to sleep most of the time, though that never seems to diminish his fighting skills so only God knows what goes on in this mans head as he sleeps. This is particularly what makes him a dangerous opponent, he is unpredictable as his movements and mind cannot be read through thourough amounts of training.

Due to growing older, Corelion's personality has also aged, making him less reckless and more prone to rational thinking before running in. Though he does still like to rush headlong into danger, he does so after weighing options beforehand so as not to endanger anyone involved.


Not much is known about this mans past, as he's barely spoken about it. Though for those close to him, they know the Truth. The place of his birth was recently revealed as none other than the Forest of Death in which he spent most of his life, and it is known how he came to be known as "Corelion". His real name is Mateo Lelouche Balmung, a member of Sophitia's family and Clan from birth, but he was lost at a very young age within the Forest of Death shortly after his birth and the death of his mother. It was thought that he was deceased by his mother, who has the ability to reincarnate after death, but that was not the case.

Childhood Arc

Young corelion artwork

It seems that, when he was born in the depths of the forest, his Mother, Sophitia, lost him deep in the forest shortly after her death caused by wounds received when their ancestral home came under attack. So, his mother had no choice but to leave him behind when she was revived even though she did search for him. At age 12, he was found by a young girl, named Keiru Yoru, living in a self made treehouse home surrounded by spikes and thorns, meant to keep out intruders and beasts. The young girl found Mateo living alone, somehow having taught himself to make clothing, albeit roughly, he saw in historical textbooks he stole from travelers. When she found him, he was wearing a black Kimono with no shoes and claws in place of his nails. The girl was originally met with intrigue, but he soon grew fond of the Girl, having her teach him about the world outside his forest and eventually, a year after they had met each other, Keiru led him out of his Forest home and finally led him out of the Forest of Death Altogether.

Corelion was eventually welcomed into Keiru's home, where he would spend most of his years. Eventually Keiru's family adopted him and gave him a new name, as he could not truly remember his own, naming him simply Core, as he had made his original home at the Core of the Forest of Death. The family eventually applied for Core to join the nearby Academy and so, his life as a Ninja began. Due to Core growing up within the most dangerous location known to the ninja of Konoha, he easily excelled at the academy's physical tests and quickly became one of the most popular students in the Academy, mostly due to his wilder appearance and nature. He didn't care for anyone save for Keiru Yoru, his, what he considered to be, childhood friend and his saviour even though he had quite a few fans among both boys and girls in their classes. It didn't take long for Core to graduate at the age of 15, thus becoming a Genin alongside Keiru Yoru, who he had developed a crush on.

During his time in the Academy, he was often in the same class of a certain block-headed, blonde-haired shinobi. Every day, as he was slowly shunned by the other students for being a tad too good at pretty much everything, losing fans of both genders slowly as the blonde child soon began to take things more seriously in classes, slowly and surely outshining him and moving forward while he was stagnating and losing all those he'd begun to see as friends to this random child. He was furious, but at the time he was less outspoken and more concerned with himself and Keiru Yoru but the lingering resentment toward the child only grew and grew until they finally graduated the Academy...on the same day. That child was none other than Naruto Uzumaki, a child he more in common with than anyone else at the Academy but grew to resent for the rest of his life.

Core was assigned to the same team as Keiru, but was nervous about telling his childhood friend about his feelings, and so...he didn't. He didn't tell her his feeling for an entire year, waiting until her birthday to finally reveal his feelings and, luckily, they were reciprocated. So the two began to date. Things moved rather quickly, Core becoming friends with more and more people in their home Village, and getting to know Keiru even better. Things moved so quickly however, that they didn't end well...At age 16, Core married Keiru. But only 8 months later, things ended in disaster. A man who stole Keiru's heart many years earlier, even before she had met Core in the forest, returned and stole her heart yet again causing her to cheat on Core. He was devastated, immediately leaving her and running away from the Village, soon returning to the one home he could, ironically, feel safe, The Forest of Death. Once he had returned, he saw it overgrown by the forest, but easily repaired what he could and salvaged his furniture. He returned to the Hermits life for about two years.

Kumogakure Arc

Core, Kumogakure Jounin

At Age 18, Core ventured from the forest yet again, this time deciding to leave for good and so...he burnt down his old home, allowing the forest to take back it's ashes. This was when he was welcomed into the Hidden Cloud Village after wandering very far away from the Fire Country where he lived for his whole life, where he studied and trained alongside Killer Bee with the Raikage himself. Though Core was no good at using the Lightning style that he was being taught to use, as his native nature was in fact Wind. This caused the Raikage to frequently become angry and frustrated with him, though it was Bee who encouraged him with his incessant Rapping.

During his time in the Cloud, he was able to master the Lightning Style and even learn some techniques from Killer Bee that helped him attain his first actual transformation the 25% form Kabuki-Man. Kabuki-Man was named for his striking appearance to Kabuki actors Corelion had seen in his travels and was Corelion's first inkling of a signature ability, something a successful shinobi always needed back then. He spent several years with the Cloud, even participating in one of the wars with the Hidden Rock and unlocking his second form, 50% Form: Oni, during a heavily outnumbered battle. He even met back up with Keiru and soon foolishly fell in love with her again. After attempting to repair the relationship that was broken many years prior, everything wound up the same yet again and caused Corelion to up and leave the Hidden Cloud to get away from Keiru but this time he was less angry and more disappointed. Leaving Keiru and the Hidden Cloud behind, he became a vagrant and chose to not settle back down in one place for too long again.

Akatsuki Arc


Shortly after leaving the Hidden Cloud, he was approached by the Akatsuki, who at the time were still hunting for the Tailed beasts, and was offered a spot as the Kyu Ringbearer. Having just been through another set of unfortunate circumstances in the Cloud, he happily accepted and, after some time acting as a mole for them in the village of Yukigakure where he was a personal assistant to the Yukikage of the time, became a Ringbearer for the Akatsuki. While in the Akatsuki, he performed routine patrols in search of the Tailed Beasts and received training in how to combat each different one, even once finding and attacking the Nine-Tailed Fox before being forced to back off and abandon the mission as it ran off and attacked a group of travelers. It was when they went after the Two-Tails that Corelion's conscience decided to kick in and he began questioning what it was they were doing. After learning the true motives of the Akatsuki and the plans they had for the future he wanted none of it and left them...His former partner, Guruguru, was having none of that and paid him one last visit to "convince" him to rejoin them.

When Corelion refused the offer, Guruguru left him one last present in the form of forcefully rewriting the Natures he could naturally use and mixing them up, which in turn (At the time unbeknownst to both of them) rewrote Corelion's chakra organs as well, making it impossible for him to use combination Natures anymore. Guruguru left another present in his psyche as well, leaving behind a seed of evil that, when at the correct time, would reactivate and break Corelion's mind to cause him to reverse his morals and go berserk.

Realization of a Distant Dream Arc

After the fiasco that was his time leaving the Akatsuki, it took him a year or so until he was finally reunited with his Birth Mother, who had never forgotten what had happened...But she recognized him in an instant by his unique eyes and hair color as at the time Core hadn't controlled the ability to change his hair color so his eyes and hair were still blinking between the different colors of teal/pink and yellow/pink, mimicking his mothers alternating hues. At the time, Core, now having extended his own name to Corelion, was out on a mission he'd accepted from a nearby village to help build up their rations by hunting some animals, when he unwittingly stumbled onto his Family's Clan Home. That was when he went around asking people of the hidden Village about where he was and noticed something odd...most of them shared the same eyes he had. It confused him and so he continued asking around, though nobody seemed to answer him as they simply seemed shocked, calling him "The boy who died" or "the returner" or sometimes "Mateo". This only further confused him...until he met his mother. She was the final one he went to speak with, the people of the Village having followed him around until then. His Mother cried her eyes out, clinging to her Lost Son, unable to even speak at the joy of seeing her baby boy back home. Shortly after being welcomed home, he was told of the relatively massive family he actually had, including two noteworthy siblings...The powerhouse duo of his adopted brother, Jay Nara, and his blood brother, Ray Iburi. Needless to say Corelion was astounded, not only did he have older and younger siblings, but his older brothers were two of the most well regarded shinobi of the realm with Jay heading the Manji of Uzushiogakure at the time.

Lancer Drakes Arc

New Core Bio Pic

Shortly after the calamity that struck Uzushiogakure, Tobias, the then-Emperor of Uzushiogakure and the land surrounding the village, approached Corelion with a proposal. Hearing that Tobias was from Uzushiogakure, the village his older brothers frequented, Corelion decided to hear Tobias out. Tobias asked Corelion if he would like to be appointed to a position in Tobias' Uzushiogakure Armed Forces. Corelion answered with a swift "Yes" but on one condition...That Tobias would allow him a troop of 20 men to train in a weaker form of his Dragon Style that would not be restricted to the Dragon Bloodlines alone. Tobias was skeptical, however, and decided to put Corelion's Dragon Style to the test and placed both himself and Corelion into a different dimension of Tobias' creation. Corelion more than happily agreed to show off the capabilities to Tobias, though he only opted to show him the destructive capabilities and not the complicated Medical and support styles embedded in the Ryuuton. During the battle, Corelion seemed to surprise Tobias at one point, launching an attack so powerful that it physically ripped through Tobias' created dimension and created a lasting scar in the world, even causing Tobias to be blown back by an attack earlier, this one caused Tobias to actively move out of the way of said attack, something unheard of for him. Though Corelion never used his full power, having only gone to his 50% form, "Demon", he was ready to go further beyond had his chakra pools not been depleted before the show and tell. Tobias happily and intriguingly accept the terms of the proposal Corelion had put forth and set about creating a cloned army of 20 for him to train. Once accepted, Corelion was placed in the rank of Lance Corporal, which was a rather low rank in the army, but still a respected one. A few days after Corelion's "Initiation Test", Tobias appeared before him with his squad of 20 men, opting Corelion to give the troops a name. Hence forth, Corelion was now made the Captain of his self-named Lancer Drakes, a squad of men trained in the art of the Drake Style, the weaker, yet still extremely powerful and versatile, form of his Ryuuton (or Dragon Style). Corelion spent most of his days training the men under his command in preparation for the day when Tobias called on him and his men for their first true mission.

After a grueling mission out in the field for he and his men, Corelion returned to the village and headed out to the markets. Upon arriving, he bought a few supplies then wandered off and got lost, soon coming across a newcomer to the village, a young woman. Upon spotting her, he dropped his things so he could help her find her way to the village welcome center, but they were interrupted by the arrival of a beast in the village. Corelion, being a soldier with a duty to protect the village but also to help newcomers, was torn and decided to stay back and protect the newcomer. Unbeknownst to him, there was an archangel awakening somewhere deeper in which caused his demon blood to boil, awakening the Zerker form without his consent.

Upon awakening, the Zerker nearly killed the newcomer but the sealing squad arrived to try and calm Core down, unable to completely seal him, they wrapped him in chains that almost broke from just his screaming and roaring but out of nowhere, the Zerker form abruptly ended and Core seemingly returned to normal. After a day in the hospital, his body suddenly began to heat up the room he was in, burning so hot it was melting the room itself, prompting his brother, Jay's, personal sealing squad to step in. Upon arriving, they wrapped sealing chains around the strangely calm Corelion who looked to be in his Zerker form. After a few questions, he was released only to take out two members of the squad, sending one flying across the village with a toss, prompting Tobias himself to step in. Confronting Corelion, they had a very brief standoff before Corelion escaped through a portal, officially being marked as AWOL.

Otogakure Arc

After a month or two a strange man matching Corelions description appeared in Kumogakure, shrouded in a hood and a dragon mask. What or who this man was exactly was unknown at this time, but a few believe that it marks Core's official return.

The man from Kumo has turned out to be none other than a much older Corelion, having had an encounter with the man known as Kamui (who, unbeknownst to him at the time, was once the leader of the Akatsuki he once served) in Konohagakure where he was made aware that something was brewing between them and Uzushiogakure. After revealing himself and his first transformation, the D-Gear's first form Dragon-Man (Named from the two coins slotted into the belt) he disappeared into a portal to leave Konoha behind. Shortly afterwards, Corelion appeared in Otogakure, dropkicking a Giant in the head and sending it flying toward a giant metal Kurama piloted by the Otokage himself. Upon seeing the giant mech, Corelion's first thought was to rush at it with his own giant beast, his Demon-Demon or "Oni" mode as the belt called it. Before reaching the mech though, his charge was halted by a giant bird that only served to tick him off, causing him to lose his battle craze. Reverting, he was soon confronted with one of the Hunters, people who came to the Shinobi continent to hunt down the remaining 100 Dragon Clans that fled there ages ago, with the Otokage meeting shortly afterwards. Corelion defended himself when the Hunter, Yueying Liang, attacked him unprovoked, and easily overwhelmed her but used up his belt's power in the process, forcing him to revert to his silent, masked form and causing him to have to use sign language to get his speech across to the Otokage. Having been accepted into the village to start a new life, he started on his way to finding his new purpose.

Time of the Farms Arc

After finally being contacted by his former subordinates in the Land of Farms, informing him that the Kage had up and vanished, he was forced to act, leaving the Hidden Sound village much earlier than he'd anticipated and rushing to Nogyorigakure as quickly as he could. Upon arrival, he was given the highest rank allowed under the Kage themself, being appointed as the Dragon Clan ambassador and a member of the Nogyorigakure Council alongside Amira Mi to help lead the village.

Corelion Nokakage armored

After some time in the village, he was appointed as the Shodaime Nokakage of the village, the former returning but deciding to become the Land of Farms Daimyo, and he didn't waste time making use of his position. He introduced a unique currency to the village, which he nicknamed NP, or Ninja Points, which could be awarded for missions and used for rankings or special equipment further down the line. He also introduced a new myth to the history of the village, the mythological Valley of Dragons, which did exist but was inflated to show the dragons who lived there in a peaceful, guardian-like light, and new projects such as a News Hub and a semi-self sufficient hydro-electric dam to provide power to the small village. Now, alongside Amira, who remained a council member, he planed to further expand the village and simultaneously keep it simple and traditional to keep the beauty of the forests they call home intact.

After a time of being the Nokakage, he held a festival for the villagers where he unveiled the secret of the Dragons actually existing in the Valley just beyond the village proper, which was once off-limits to anyone without proper clearance, to a rousing success. After the reveal, the Humans and Dragons began living alongside each other, with both races having free reign to visit the village and different biomes in the Valley respectively. However, this had an unexpected effect recently as many of the villagers seemed to have up and vanished without explanation, leaving very few people in the Village for him to watch over. This had since destabilized his mind, leaving him worrying if he was the cause for his villagers suddenly vanishing somehow, even as he continues to look into where they all seemed to go, which was the perfect chance for Guruguru's Dark Seed to begin subtly taking over his mind.

Masked Core

As he was in Uzushiogakure to speak with his brother (Who had recently become the Shiokage in his own right) about the missing villagers, he suddenly lost access to the power keeping his body stabilized in this world and thus his body began to revert to his 21 year old form he took on when he first returned to the shinobi world, losing his ability to speak and becoming a walking glitch. Since his powers were tied to his Kage status, it was safe to assume his time as the Nokakage had run out and Amira was then appointed as the Nidaime Nokakage. The only reason he was able to return to Uzushiogakure at the time was due to his political immunity as a Kage, otherwise he would be arrested or killed on sight due to an outstanding order from Tobias that hadn't been revoked by his brother as he likely didn't know about it. Upon losing his powers, he was forced to retreat to the Slums of the city where he quickly made himself a place as the Gang Boss of The Justicars, a group comprised mostly of his men and the gangs he'd taken over. He turned the Slums into his own miniature dictatorship and planned to take over the whole of it soon, with his mind slowly descending to madness the longer he stayed in his glitched form thanks to the Dark Seed.

Reign of the Skid Row King Arc

His madness had reached a head after a few days within the slums, having turned them into his own dictatorship. He'd taken over all of the Gangs in the Slums, abducting their minds with masks similar to his own and turning the entirety of the slums into a Hive-Minded cult dedicated to himself. Unbeknownst to all the people beyond the walls of the Slums, Corelion's mind was rotting from the inside out due to the Dark Seed implanted in his mind by his former partner Guruguru corrupting the very base of his being, Mateo, the form he had when he was born. This had been happening slowly over the years but was suddenly rushed ahead as his brother, Jay Nara, sent Naruto Uzumaki after him as a hitman. Forcing Naruto to remember their shared past, he also revealed the intense and unbridled hatred he felt for the man, feelings kept locked deep inside his heart that were forced to the surface by the Dark Seed.

After transporting the two of them away from the city, Naruto tried to save Corelion's mind but was only faced with the overwhelming power that Corelion possessed now set loose upon him with no mercy. A being named Menma soon took control of Naruto's body and began a counterattack, only serving to bore Mateo so he devised a game for himself. Opening a massive amount of portals behind himself, he summoned forth scores of alternate Naruto's from the multi-dimensional worlds he knew about, tricking all of them to fight on his behalf to kill Menma in his stead. In his mind, if Menma could overcome this Naruto Horde, then maybe he'd have some fun offing him after the battle died down. Sure enough Menma overcame the Horde, even sealing away a much more powerful version of himself made of the union of Madara and Naruto from another world, but was sufficiently drained of all is strength. Mateo, now having full control of the body of Corelion, finally made his move. Appearing at the behest of Menma, he easily showed him that he was outclassed...and quickly drug him into his OWN world, one where the bodies and minds of the other forms Corelion could use at the moment were trapped and chained up within, the Corrupted Mindscape.

After being transported inside the Corrupted Mindscape created by Mateo, Menma was beset by the visions and feelings Mateo had bottled up, all amplified by the Dark Seed looming overhead. unfortunately all did not go Mateo's way, as Naruto made peace and took back his body and showed that even though Mateo was standing right in front of him ready to kill, the real one stood with Naruto with all the spirits and friends he'd made along the path here. Mateo, appalled to see himself standing beside the man he'd hated for years upon years, lost his cool and began to assault the man with every single bad emotion and memory he blamed on him. unbeknownst to Mateo, Corelion's other selves had begun sacrificing themselves to help re-energize the original self and help him overpower Mateo which eventually paid off. Through the combined efforts of a fully refreshed Naruto and a newly freed Corelion they were able to eradicate Mateo and put an end to his control.

After being set free from the Corrupted Mindscape, Naruto attempted to embrace the supposedly revived Corelion but was met by the awakening of an even deeper darkness in the form of an Alternate World Parasite version of Corelion named Noileroc who took full control the moment control was freed. This new darkness was far stronger than Mateo and even had the ability to completely invert it's hosts appearance. Corelion was still inside the massive body that resulted from Naruto attempting to attack this new enemy, but unlike Mateo, who was forced to use specific elements of his specific form, Noileroc was able to use every single power aside from the Portals including morphing into the other forms and even using his own abilities from his world against Naruto. During the battle Naruto's metal arm was obliterated by a head-on punch from the Demon-Form Noileroc but was suddenly pushed back by the efforts of Corelion and Naruto as Corelion began to take control of specific areas and sabotage his attempts, even causing a permanent removal of his arm to send a fraction of his arm to Naruto without his knowledge.

Noileroc, none too happy with how things were turning out in this battle of giants (Naruto had unlocked his Kyuubi Avatar mode) brought out the big guns. Heating his body up so much to the point the once obsidian colored scales of Corelion had turned a bright golden hue, Noileroc formed a sword from his own body and pointed it's edge directly at Naruto. During a foolhardy attack from Naruto, Kurama was warned by the fraction of Corelion's Mind he'd sent to him to avoid the sword, and sure enough they did for good reason...The sword he'd created, Eimyrjabane, was able to cut through dimensions just like Corelion's Portals but on a molecular level and immediately erase it. Luckily it seemed they were safe as long as they stayed away from Noileroc so Corelion took to talking with Naruto about a plan to get Noileroc out of his body for good.

Special Ability of the Dragon Clans

Only recently has it been made publicly known that Corelion bears the ability to transform his body into three progressively stronger forms, each one becoming more akin to his True form as a fully fledged Dragon. Each ability is a manifestation of his power getting gradually released, as such Corelion has taken it upon himself to carefully measure what amount of his true power is being released with each form. These forms are 5%, 25%, 50%, and 75%. As of now, Corelion does not have the ability to fully revert to his True Form, though his Mother, Sophitia, does bear this ability already.


Each form is different to the previous one, in terms of both demeanor and appearance.

First up is his usual form, his 5% form, or his "Human" Form. This form is the one he is usually seen in, and the only things he bears from his Dragon self are the markings on his face, and his odd double-ringed eyes. He also bears enormous strength and speed in this form, but it pales in comparison to his later ones. (See main picture)

The next form is his 25% form, this is the form he takes when he watches over his UAF troop, the Lancer Drakes. In this form, his power is drastically increased, at about twice the strength of his 5% form. This form is only similar to his 5% form in terms of anatomy, but in this one he is 1.5x the height of his Human form, highly muscular with scales covering his arms, legs, and part of his chest, forming a pattern once on his chest. He has longer hair, his markings spread into an intricate pattern on his face, and his eyebrows seem to have mysteriously thinned. In the form he still has complete control of his abilities and self, though it does put a strain on his Human Body. People who see this form affectionately refer to it as "Kabuki Man" due to the similarities between his appearance and personality and a traditional Kabuki stage actor. (Image WIP)

Corelion New 50% form

His next, and right now his last, controllable form is the 50% form. This one form has put fear into the hearts of everyone who has come into contact with it. In this form, Corelions speed, strength, stamina, and durability are nearly tripled from 5% form, making this by far the strongest controllable form he has at his disposal. This form takes on a whole new meaning when it is seen and is aptly named the "Demon Form", as the appearance is more akin to a Demon than a human, which he appears to have gotten mostly from his Father. In this form, Corelions appearance is drastically altered. He grows to a whopping 1 1/2 stories tall, his hair spikes back and erupts into a flaming red chakra, his eyes roll back and white out completely, his teeth grow to fangs, his body size and weight doubles from Kabuki Man, his body is now covered in his black and purple scales, his hands are now bearing claws, his ears sharpen to a fine point and elongate backwards, and he now sprouts a scaly tail symbolic of his transformation into a more Draconic being. This form's personality also changes drastically, as his more sadistic side comes to light. He feels no pain, he feels no fear, he feels thrill while fighting, and he becomes a sadist even after ending the fight, opting most of the time to stay and beat down an already beaten opponent, sometimes until they are comatose or even dead. He is constantly sporting a fanged grin, and his attitude toward others only amounts to his body being a shield for his allies to hide behind, which he surprisingly doesn't mind. He unlocked this form while training with the Raikage in the Land of Lighting during one of their wars against the Hidden Stone, taking on this form and annihilating a troop of 800 soldiers single-handedly without batting an eye. This earned him the title of the "Battlefield Satan" by the people of the Hidden Cloud, and the "Demon" title from those in the Hidden Stone. More recently he has learned to control his sadistic urges to a point and is able to obey direct orders from his superiors. However...that all changes in his next, and strongest form...

His final unlocked form is only known in fairy tales told by the numerous villages from which survivors have witnessed this horrifying beast. This form is the 75% form, more commonly known as...the Drake Form. In this form, Corelion has now unlocked almost all his powers and has such dropped the facade of his Human body almost altogether. In this form, Corelion has now grown to over 5 stories tall, his body has become more serpentine as his neck, tail, arms, and legs elongated. His tail gained spikes, his arms grew to insane sizes, one finger being the size of an average man, his legs now bent back, forming more of a claw like appearance once they reached his feet, and he gained finned spines along the back of his neck all the way down his spine. He also grew curved horns on each side of his head and had a more pronounced snout as opposed to his Humanoid facial structure. This form is completely uncontrollable, and as such he opts not to use it unless in an emergency. There are currently only two known survivors having seen this form, Uchiha Manami for whom he had shown the form to for a brief moment, and his own Mother Sophitia. In this form, every single one of Corelions stats, aside from his speed due to his size, are nearly Quintupled from his 5% form. This is the most powerful form known to the Dragon Clans, aside from their True forms, and is the only one Corelion has yet to gain control of on his own. From the minute he takes on this form, Corelion's mind turns Primal, a state of mind that those who are still mastering a Form are at risk to go into without proper training. Though he has since learn to extend his non-Primal state to at least 5 minutes, he is still at incredible risk of losing himself or those around him. However, the reason Corelion has not yet been able to master this "Drake Form" is due to the appearance of Dragon Hunters on the continent. These Hunters are specially trained to combat and kill Dragons like Corelion and his Mother, and are trained in the art of tracking all Dragon Bloodlines aside from Sophitia's. Due to this, and the fact the Drake Form is instantly recognizable, there has not yet been a safe place for Corelion to train his mind and body so that he may master this form and move onto his final training to unlock his True Form. (Image WIP)

Of course, he will eventually gain the ability to revert fully to his primal Draconic form, complete with a set of wings and oddly pink fur in place of hair. This final form will be his strongest, though seemingly not his last. It has been speculated that he has yet another form, one which seems far different to his others in terms of looks and demeanor.

0%! MATEO!

This form has only been witnessed by those extremely close to Corelion, and has been dubbed his "Mateo" form, which seems to be his birth name given to him by his mother and father. 

This form is...highly unremarkable and is said to be the form which he had when he was born, as it seems to revert his hair and eyes to a pink color that is eerily similar to his mothers. When asked about this form, Sophitia seems to dodge the questions about it for some odd reason, though many of Corelions family and ex-wives have been said to witness this form at rare times. However, the most remarkable part of this form is the constant, eerily calm smile and calm expression that sits on his face. Along with that, his attitude seems to be creepily malevolent. Ando, a pilot in the UAF, had the unfortunate chance to witness this form when Corelion and his team, the Lancer Drakes, were assigned a mission to capture a monster who had been terrorizing the outskirts of Uzushio's lands. According to reports, Corelion began to refer to himself as Mateo and had a strange craving for making indirect threats toward Ando.

Ability of the Hybrids

Though it has only been witnessed once, as Corelion has significant control of his anger, there is a form which surpasses all his others yet barely changes his base form. This one, the only witness being his ex-wife KeiruYoru, has been dubbed the Draconic Berserker, or Zerker Form. Little is known about this form other than the fact it is triggered when Corelion loses control of his his anger and becomes an unstoppable fury incarnate.

Draconic Berserker Corelion

According to Keiru, this form is by far his ultimate uncontrolled form, turning his hair to pure flames, his arms and legs becoming coated in spikes and scales sharp enough to slice through any metal, and all his stats surpassing even his own mothers by a landslide. He gains the curved horns of his drake form and his eyes permanently glow a bright red, causing him to look like the devil himself. It's theorized that this form is a Dragons first form, one obtained when first fusing with their human body to become a devil incarnate and becoming nigh unbeatable. Although, the reason for this form being almost completely absent is due to Corelions surprising control of his emotions even in battle, most of the time just taking joy in fights even against stronger opponents. There is no official documentation of said form but during it's only known awakening, there were sightings of the Devil across the southern areas of the Lightning Country.

More recently, the Zerker form has become more controllable and has branched off into two paths, diverging thanks to his twin bloodlines. These forms are as follows:

  • Dragon Zerker:
    Corelion's body draws upon the power of his Dragon mother Sophitia which results in this form. In this form, Corelion grows sharp horns and a semi-prehensile dragon tail, which seems to have it's own mind and can move without Corelion telling it to. The Markings on his face grow out and spread over his body in a tribal pattern, even covering his new tail and horns. Corelion's personality in the form is much more unhinged than his counterpart (Demon), meaning Corelion is more wild in battle. Once this form is seen, the enemy is already dead, as the speed and strength of this form is even higher than his brothers and near equal to his mother, meaning it is quite the force to be reckoned with. While in this form, Corelion is able to use breath attacks without callouts or even hand signals, as the Elemental sacks inside his body triple in size, letting him wildly spew out chakra left and right with no regard to those he's fighting. This form has several more drawbacks than his counterpart, however. Corelion, having sacrificed his Demon Fathers DNA, has lost what resistance to the Supernatural that he had, but gained a powerful resistance to all human realm attacks, meaning chakra attacks have little to no effect other than to further anger him. The fire which now constitutes Corelions hair and goatee burn a vibrant pink hue and flows off constantly while retaining it's original form but has also extended to his tail. This forms personality is that of his younger self, kill first, ask later. Corelion's body exudes a tremendous amount of heat while in this form.
  • Demon Zerker:
    Corelion's body draws upon the power of his Ice Humanoid Demon father Ratatosk which results in this new form. In this form Corelion has access to his normal stream of moves, but gains access to his fathers Ice Release Kekkei Genkai and a version of his inherited Sharingan. The Markings on his face grow out and spread over his body in a tribal pattern. In this form, Corelion loses access to his dragon powers, resorting ONLY to his fathers dna making him a near full blooded demon like him. Corelion's murderous instincts and rage in this controlled form are on par with his deadly older brothers Ray and Jay, both of whom have access to demonic powers or supernatural ones. Due to his body rejecting the Dragon side of him, he now gains a full immunity to all supernatural powers, but gains a severe weakness to Holy powers like those from archangels which caused the event in Uzushiogakure known as the Melted Hospital incident. The fire which now constitutes Corelions hair and goatee burn a cool lavender hue and flows off constantly while retaining it's original form. This forms personality is that of a true sadist. In this form, Corelion's body exudes an ungodly far-below zero chill that will freeze anything within a 2 mile radius in seconds.

In his original Zerker form, Corelion had a massive amount of heat emanating from his body, so much so that it would melt surrounding metals and even skin should people get too close, this heat was the cause of the Uzushiogakure incident named the Melted Hospital incident. This incident is also the cause of a Kill-On-Sight order from the era when Tobias ruled Uzushiogakure.

Core's Unique Ability

Shortly after his disappearance in the Shinobi World, Corelion found himself stranded in a new one he nicknamed the Kamen Dimension. This world housed several strange heroes named Kamen Riders, which used special belts to transform themselves and take on unique and...sometimes strange powers. The first Rider he met was Rider W, or Doubles, which was really two people in one body. They used special powers using two special drives they stuck into their belts which allowed them to use two powers at once. This inspired Corelion to try and do the same but failed miserably and so he left after getting to know Doubles, and receiving a strange Coin with an abstract design of Doubles' helmet engraved on it and a second strange one with what looked like an abstract big Bang engraved on it, which he named a Legend coin. The second Rider he met was Ghost, a boy who had died previously but was brought back to life to battle the same enemies he was killed by. Ghost used items called Eyecons, spheres holding the spirits of famous figures such as Musashi the legendary swordsman, and Thomas Edison the creator of the Lightbulb. Corelion learned what he could from Ghost, learning how to stabilize his own body to enable him to exist for longer periods of time without the need for special powers. After receiving yet another Legend and a new Ghost coin, he left in search of another Rider.

The next Rider he met was the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, a very strange rider which used the powers of video game cartridges to transform and "Level up" his body to fight off special viruses called Bugsters. Ex-Aid, also being a Doctor, saw Core struggling to keep himself in existence and sought to help him. After meeting Ex-Aid and his fellow Riders, they all agreed to try and help Core figure out what had happened. After a few days of testing, they finally realized that what Core needed was a Stabilzer, some device to help his body stay anchored in the real world. So, they helped him create his own unique belt, inspired by the designs of the Kamen Riders Core had met beforehand, and enabling him to use the new Coins he was receiving from each encounter. Upon finishing and wearing the belt, numerous coins escaped Corelion's body, each showing a different side of himself. Human-Human, Human-Dragon, Human-Demon, Demon-Dragon, Demon-Demon, and Dragon-Dragon. These grouped coins would allow him to change forms into his other forms he had lost access to when his body began to fade. Upon using the Human and Dragon coins he was able to stabilize his body, but only temporarily since the belt was still unfinished. He thanked Ex-Aid and upon leaving he received more Legend and Rider Coins from each of the Riders, Ex-Aid, Brave, Snipe, and Lazer, even acquiring a strange one labeled Genm from an old man he'd helped out.

The final Rider he met was OOO, or O's, who used similar coins to Corelion to combine animal powers into one person, able to mix and match them for use. O's helped him to learn a quick way to slot in his coins without unnecessary moves. O's also helped him figure out how to give his belt a longer life cycle, enabling Core to keep his forms for longer periods without too much stress. O's was the one Rider Core was able to simple hang out with, enjoy his time with and as such he formed a much better bond with O's than he did with the other Riders he'd met. Upon leaving to return to the Shinobi world, the time in the Kamen Dimension somehow being much faster than his home dimension, Core aged quite a bit physically and also was given three coins by O's, copies of his three Dino Coins, which Core would be able to use further down the line but not at the moment, so he was also given a simple O's Coin to transform into the Tatoba form that O's commonly used.

The D-Gear Red that Core had developed has since become irrelevant as he's adapted the technology into a shoulder pad device designed to supplement the torn muscles in his left arm. The device has been dubbed the D-Arm and is more computerized than it's previous incarnation, as it no longer requires the use of physical coins and now uses a database of all the coins Core collected so he can call on them on a moments notice.


Corelion is inhumanly strong despite his rather average stature, being documented to lift Boulders and even massive stone monuments that would have crushed anyone else with absolute ease. The first documentation of his unnatural strength was when he was 16 years old, after his first marriage to Keiru Yoru, where he saved a division of Enemy Shinobi who were going to be crushed by a falling 5 story tall statue in an unnamed village during his stay in Konohagakure. Corelion not only stopped the fall of the Statue, but caught and tossed it aside, rescuing the enemy Shinobi who later defected to his home village in respect for his deeds. The next documented case of his strength was one year later, after he had left his new village, in which he had stopped a group of Rogue Shinobi trying to flee into the Forest of death by picking out and slamming ironbark trees into a cage around them before leaving the scene. Along with his inhuman strength, he also trained for several years to perfect the art of Kenjutsu simply from books and old scrolls. More recently, he has learned a way to project Portals from his own chakra aura, the natural chakra that surrounds every living being, able to jump through them, or use them to transport his weapons or tools, wherever he so wishes. So long as the area has even a slight hint of Chakra, he is able to travel there using his portals. He also possesses a genius level intellect, which he usually only puts to use during serious battles. It is these times where it kicks in, his strategies and tactics nearly always out matching his opponents by a mile and a half, he is considered the most ruthless tactician of his entire Family Clan.

Due to being a Dragon and Demon by birth, Corelion's anatomy is only similar to Humans on the outside. The inner workings of his body are vastly different to a Humans. His lungs are twice as large, he bears not one but two hearts, his chakra nature is completely Neutral, meaning he does not inherently have any weaknesses or strengths despite using three known elements, and his bones and muscles are three times sturdier than a Human beings allowing him to lift objects and perform feats greater than any normal Human Being. His body houses what are known as "Nature Sacks", glands inside his body that store up and produce large quantities of Natural Elements such as Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Lightning which, when mixed in with his Neutral Chakra, creates what has come to be known as a Temporary Nature. These Temporary Natures are unique only to the Dragon Clan Bloodlines and allow them to easily use Jutsu or techniques that would normally only be usable by someone of their specific chakra nature, though they cannot perform as many jutsu at a time as a person gifted with the actual Nature can, due to the fact their Nature Sacks can only store so much Nature Energy at one time. However, the Dragon style, or Ryuuton, that Corelion created can bypass these limits by spending the set amount of Nature Energy in one attack/support ability. Due to being able to store so much Nature Energy, Ryuuton users also make for excellent healers and supporters, as they can actively transfer any amount of energy they have to another person to either replenish any missing chakra that person has or heal an injury caused by any outside element.

Corelion is extremely intelligent, almost to the point of future sight, being able to calculate an opponents moves many steps ahead and plan accordingly. He rarely lets this side of himself show, at least openly, and most of the time has a lighthearted, though somewhat cold, demeanor to him. As a strategist, he is an invaluable asset to any conflict as he's well versed in the art of battles, able to think on the fly when commanding troops and picking strategies that will almost certainly guarantee victory each time he uses them. To the few who have seen him at work, they've been shocked by what he's been able to accomplish, such as taking down a monstrous beast who was rampaging through the outskirts of Uzushiogakure with just a 20-man team, with 4 being relegated to medical duty.

Corelion also has the ability to manipulate and distort dimensions, though it seems limited to how much mass the bands on his wrists and legs. These band are made from a strange metal, able to shift and mold itself to any size or shape within reason for the mass they possess. Corelion can always add mass to the bands on the fly, but it requires him to sacrifice one or more of the bands to transfer mass to one, which he neglects to do during battles as he has to heavily focus his energy to create new ones from his dimensional energy. These bands also allow him to access his personal Pocket Dimension, where he stores all the various weapons, armors, and items he's collected over the years. The bands also act as trackers and communicators, allowing him to keep track of those he's given the bands to like the Kage of Sakuragakure, Phantasos, or the various members of his village as he likes to personally see to issues or problems the villagers would have.

Innate Abilities

  • Dragon-Demon Eyes - Due to Corelion's unique racial bloodline, he possess the combined eyes of a Dragon and Demon. These eyes gift him unique protection from Occular abilities such as the abilities of the Rinnegan and Sharingan. He does not need to activate this ability, as it activates as an immediate defensive measure in the presence of Occular ability users. He loses this ability in his Demon Zerker form, as he gains access to his inherited Sharingan from his father.
  • Full-Powered Fight or Flight - Corelions body, due to his bloodline, has the innate ability to forcefully power up his body in response to certain stimuli. IE: A user of supernatural or Holy powers will cause his body to react and force him to go into a more controlled version of his Draconic Zerker form, taking on the features of his true dragon form and dropping all features of his demonic side and the subsequent powers and vice versa for anything that would harm a Dragon, which would force him into the demonic mode of the Zerker form.
  • Perfect Defense Scales - Similar to Gaara's Perfect defense, where he did not need to consciously use his sand to protect himself, Corelion's body is always coated in transparent deep black scales. These scales act as a natural armor for the open areas of his outfit and are always active, only becoming visible once they harden to a point where a single scale could cut a diamond on his skin. Once fully hardened, next to nothing can pierce them save for a select few weapons designed to kill dragons specifically.
  • Demonic/Draconic Sensing - Thanks to his father being a Demon and his mother being a Dragon, Corelion has another innate ability to sense the presence of other supernatural beings such as other demons or lesser supernatural creatures like skeletons or Imps and other Dragons, even if they hide their True forms. The Draconic senses he inherited also increased his awareness of his surroundings (ie Smell, Touch, Hearing, etc) giving him an edge in many combat scenarios. The ability to sense other Supernatural beings, however, has not seen use in a very long time as he tends to keep himself out of situations that would endanger him thanks to the fight or flight response.
  • Inherited Sharingan - Another thankful thing given by his father before he vanished was the inherited Sharingan. Though he has not been able to activate this ability, the fact it exists deep in his genes is a proven fact. Though it is speculation, the eyes Corelion possesses in his Demon Zerker form may be a variation of the Sharingan, one without Tomoe as a sign of the possibility existing that he can use one. Corelion himself does not realize this, as his regular eyes act in a similar but improved function to it, but anyone with an affinity with said eyes when he's in his Demon Zerker form would be able to sense the latent Sharingan hidden away in his blood.

As for his other abilities such as his attacks and such, they are only learned through RP's, even if they are mentioned here.

Musical use

Each of the forms explained, even the different Rider forms mentioned above the previous article, have themes that play when active. Those themes will be listed here in the order of how they were discovered.

Human-Human (Mateo):

Human-Dragon (Usual): (Minus vocals)

Human-Demon (Kabuki-Man):

Demon-Demon (Demon):

Demon-Dragon (Drake- or Wyrm):

Dragon-Dragon (True Dragon):

No coin combo yet (Berserk Mode):

W-Legend (Kamen Rider Doubles):

Ghost-Legend (Kamen Rider Ghost):

Ex-Aid-Legend (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid):

Brave-Legend (Kamen Rider Brave):

Snipe-Legend (Kamen Rider Snipe):

Lazer-Legend (Kamen Rider Lazer):

OOO-Legend (Kamen Rider OOO):

Transformation references

Corelion Nokakage armored(OOO Legend)
  • Kamen Rider OOO Legend ----------------^^^
Corelion Nokakage armored(Ghost)
  • Kamen Rider Ghost ----------------------^^^
Corelion Nokakage armored(Doubles)
  • Kamen Rider W (Doubles) --------------^^^

Canon Facts (For RP)

  • Corelion is in fact a Dragon/Demon hybrid soul inside a human body, and as such exhibits more unnatural reactions to certain stimuli.
  • Corelion was at one point an Uzumaki, though only due to marriage.
  • Corelion has been married several times, but all of them have ended prematurely or just very badly.
  • Corelion can stretch his limbs by using his Dragon scales to cover up the the fact that he physically seperates his forearm from the rest of his arm while forcing his muscles to rapidly rebuild themselves while stretched out.
  • Corelion is highly intelligent....when he wants to be. He can come across as very dumb at times, or just blatantly oblivious.
  • Corelion is also highly resilient, meaning he doesn't flinch or get hurt much if at all. He's even been shot through a mountain and come back out with nothing but a cut and a pissed off mood.
  • Corelion is also extremely strong, being able to easily lift a mountain that weighs almost 10 billion tonnes, which is absurd even by inhuman standards, though he does know how to control his a point.
  • Corelion does indeed have control over various forms, all of which are activated by shouting the percentage he wants to release of his full power, with the exception of Zerker Mode, which is a strange and demonic mode he enters when his rage boils over. These forms are stated in the article Special Ability of the Dragon Clans
  • Corelion has the ability to use portals that lead to pocket dimensions or other dimensions entirely, with the pocket dimensions holding an extreme variety of weapons and armors, that he can summon at any point he wants. He seems to lose this ability past his 25% form though. (UPDATE) This has been nullified, as Core now uses special rings made from transforming metal to form a base for portal creation, now letting him use them in every form.
  • Corelion has a favorite weapon that he uses when he feels he needs to, a sword he dubbed Defender. The sword is similar to a Buster Sword, with three holes on the guard and blade with unknown uses but stems out near the tip where it becomes shaped like a Kite Shield which makes it top-heavy. It's also incredibly thick, making use of the entire blade to work as a giant shield. Unlike his other pocket dimension weapons, he likes to carry this one with him in the form of a keychain he wears on his waist. (UPDATE) Defender, now dubbed the Techa-do Shield-Blade, has since transformed into a technologically advance blade bearing only subtle similarities to it's previous form, now able to transform into various weapons such as twin blades, longstaff, and a smaller sword and detached shield.
  • Corelion's voice is akin to that of goofier Skip Stellrecht (when voicing Itachi Uchiha) when he speaks, with more of a serious and deeper tone taking over when being serious. In Japanese, his voice sounds more akin to a deeper Masako Nozawa, the voice of Goku, his sons, his fusions, and Goku Black of the Dragon Ball franchise in Japan.


  • Though it has been officially recorded, the fact that Corelion has a very high affinity for Kenjutsu (Or Art of the Blade) has never actually been witnessed by anyone outside of evaluators so it is up for debate as to whether or not he can still perform it.
  • He is no longer the sole user of the Dragon Style, as he has taught his younger sister, Whiskma, how to use the basics of it.
  • His TRUE Full Name is Mateo Balmung Lelouche Shikaru, Balmung referring to his Dragon Clan's unified name which refers to an ancient spear said to be the only thing to have slain Dragons in times long past with the same name.
  • It has been speculated as to how old Corelion truly is, as he seems to have memories of people such as the Second Hokage in great detail, though it is well-known he is only mostly a Dragon as his father was not one.
  • Dragons of the Balmung Clan possess some of the highest physical and mental strength of the 100 Clans scattered across the Continent, though the place of the absolute highest Mental Strength goes to the Dalca Clan of Dragons.
  • As with his age, it is highly debated whether or not Corelion has bore children with anyone. Although several people have come forward claiming as such, there has yet to be a decisive conclusion.
  • Interestingly enough, Corelions clan of dragons has exhibited the ability to stretch their appendages, though how they do it is still unknown as it does not seem like an easy use
  • It has been exhibited that Balmung clan Dragons, being that they are Land based and not Sky or Ocean based, have a unique trait which causes them to get motion sick on any type of seafaring or flying vessel unless they revert to their 0% forms, or their Full Human forms, though some (like Corelion's older brothers Jay and Ray) have found workarounds to help them bypass that trait.
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