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Curse Technique: Binding of Hell





Jujutsu: Jigoku no Ketsugō

Literal English

Curse Technique: Binding of Hell


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Jashin Symbol Hiden, Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu




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  • Angra Mainyu
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Angra Mainyu forms darkly-shaded tendrils of chakra from his shadow(s) and casts them at his target(s) like lasso's, which wraps around them before binding them in place, constricting all physical movement. Notably they do not make direct contact with the latter, instead compressing the encoiled with the chakra used to create them.

If the target is linked to Angra Mainyu via Verg Avesta, the latter merely needs to form the technique-specific hand seal in order to coil the victim within the cage of dark tendrils, which gradually materialize from his own chakra.

The only method of preventing this technique from being successfully cast is to not by affected by Verg Avesta and destroy the tendrils, which are composed of chakra, with a chakra-based or shrouded weapon; absorbing the chakra would prove fatal to the absorber in disrupting their chakra flow, and practically leaving them at Angra Mainyu's whim. Once bound though, only by having a second party destroy the bindings with chakra; alternatively by disrupting the concentration of Angra Mainyu with a kata-less genjutsu are they able to break free of its restraints.