Curse Technique: Influence of the Devil






Jujutsu: Akuma no Eikyō

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Curse Technique: Influence of the Devil


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Jashin Symbol Hiden, Hōgenjutsu, Ninjutsu






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  • Angra Mainyu
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This technique may be utilized on those why have been inflicted pain due to the side effects of Verg Avesta. Sharing a link with the victim they've inflicted pain upon, the caster need only mutter the incarnation for the stump techniques backwards: "Atseva Grev" and then inflict themself a physical wound, for it to be reflected upon their linked target, a similar effect to that of Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood. Notably this technique compensates for the lack of a killing potential in Verg Avesta, as the caster, Angra Mainyu, only needs to stab at the location of his [corrupted] heart in order to kill off his opponent.

Once he has killed his opponent, Angra Mainyu may then initiate the second stage to this technique, where the corpse of his victim is enveloped in a layer of darkly-shaded chakra, spawning a Gen'ei using the remnants of the corpse's chakra, its size varying on the amount leftover. When it begins to act of its own accord, the summoning physically emerges from the corpse, leaving it nutritionally deprived of chakra as it searches for prey, using its chakra-imbued claws to slash at its opponent and absorb their chakra by keeping physical contact with their bloodied wound - however it is easily destroyed by chakra-based techniques and/or weapons, nor is it able to duplicate its form unlike Gen'ei summoned under favorable circumstances.

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