Cursed Seal of Blood





Ketsueki no Juin

Literal English

Cursed Seal of Blood



Juinjutsu, Kinjutsu, Senjutsu


  • Vex
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 The Cursed Seal of Blood is noted as one of the more rarest forms of the Curse Seal.


The seal consists of three scale shaped marks in the form of a triangle. When activated, the seal glows a blood red and spreads a scale-like pattern along the user's body. 


Like all cursed seals, the user receives increased chakra levels and physical capabilities when the seal is active. However the only known way to active this strange seal is by blood. When fights become too intense or if he decides to get some enjoyment, Vex can willinging active this seal by tasting his own blood or the blood of his opponent. The power of seal can increase with the amount of the opponent's blood Vex consumes.

As the second stage hits, the scales join together, forming a hard surface over the skin. His eyes become a darker shade of red while sharp claws, razor sharp teeth, and a lizard-like tail forms upon his body. The ending result in the transformation would make him appear more like a humanoid dragon without the wings. His speed and physical strength intensifies along with the durability of his body; thanks to the scales.

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