Cursed Seal of Sages





Kenjin no Juin

Literal English

Cursed Seal of Sages



Juinjutsu, Kinjutsu

Rank on-rank
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  • Zekkō Zō
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Is a derived Juinjutsu from the notorious Orchimaru's Juinjutsu. It is only available to those whom received it from that of a Sage. The natural energy of the donor reacts with the possessors chakra to grant them enhancements comparable to those of Sage Mode. The key difference is upon the nature of the senjutsu it is received from. The seal itself is comprised of similar three tomoe as to its related technique Cursed Seal of Heaven.

The seal itself is an investment of power into a being. Such power starts off as an addiction almost forcing the user to use daily if not already in use. The effects would cause the manipulator to have a second state of mind; alter-ego of sorts. Such split personality would cause the person to be a battle driven warrior. Such power can be related to a lower level of Senninka in which will only go away as the user accomplishes their blood hungry quest. Over time one may get to overpower and control their seal through constant usage of such in moderation.

Upon activation of the first state a burning inscription takes over the skin of the user as it grows like wild flames from its seal mark. The user will experience a boosted sense of strength and dexerity as their speed will also increase. The granted natural energy allows the user an increase in chakra capacity in high-levels. Furthermore entering the second state causes such users to completely detach from their former selves as their alter-ego takes over. The user is granted extraordinaire abilities in the second state being able to produce certain attachments on their body through the use of the chakra. The only known method of successfully ridding ones self from the level 2 of the cursed seal would be to preform a ritual sealing technique or satisfying the quench for blood as it would allow the alter-ego to be overpowered by the users original state of mind.

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