Darbus Shiku is a strange being from an unknown world.

Hidden in the Arbiter's Sanctuary, a hidden structure deep in the unexplored regions of the Land of Wind's desert, was a strange Obsidian Mirror stowed away on the summit of the structure. This Mirror suddenly rocked to life, spinning wildly and launching a beacon of green energy to the sky revealing the location of the Arbiter's Sanctuary to the rest of the world and unleashing the monsters and spirits held within while also shattering the mirror itself.

In the rubble stood a lone man, bearing strange, glowing markings and pale blue-ish skin with nigh glowing gold hair, almost like an energy was pulsing through it, and clothed in royal-like attire. Picking up the one remaining shard of the Mirror, he grabbed a sword and set forth into this new world he found himself in, followed closely behind by a crew of monsters bearing a resemblance to himself. This person was the Crown Prince of the entire Twilight Realm, Darbus Elzenith Shiku.


Twilight Realm Era

Darbus Shiku, the biological son of Corelion Lelouche Shikaru and Elibretha, Goddess of Twilight, was born and abandoned in the Twilight Realm centuries ago after the Great Uniting War, and was named the Crown Prince at birth.

Centuries ago, or rather a decade ago in Light World TimeCorelion and Elibretha ruled over the Twilight Kingdom of the Twilight Realm alongside other monarchs who had their own territories before suddenly vanishing, with rumors saying they returned to the Light World to live out the rest of their lives in peace. However, this left the Kingdom without a ruler since Darbus was far too young at the time to even walk on his own and was sufficiently abandoned by his parents leaving it open to attack from the outside...Which is exactly what happened. After news of the King and Queens disappearance, a warlord named Zant attempted a coup to take over the which he failed miserably, and was executed immediately upon his capture by the acting Lordess, Midna.

Midna, who was Darbus' older cousin, raised the young Darbus until he was old enough to take the throne at the age of 16 but the worst was yet to come...As a destructive Cataclysm soon rocked the Realm to it's core, causing a tremendous influx of pure Twilight to overwhelm most of the world and plunge it deeper and deeper into the darkness. Feeling the heaviest effects, Darbus took matters into his own hands, quickly rallying his people to try and stem the tide of Twilight they activated long dormant machines under the Kingdom left behind by his parents that created a functional barrier that lessened the extreme impact around the main palace and surrounding towns.

Over the course of another decade the other monarchs had discovered similar technology in their own areas and successfully saved their peoples from disaster, albeit temporarily. At the age of 27, Darbus decided he'd had enough. The other Monarchs were trying desperately to overtake his kingdom and take the last few supplies they had for themselves and he was done. Darbus and the kingdoms scientists had been working on a plan to save their people through more permanent solutions and had finally found one...though it was extreme...He planned to completely rewrite the dna of every single member of the Twilight Kingdom to make it so they could survive without the barriers and safely begin rebuilding the world they lost. After ordering his own kingdom to do so he succeeded in his plan...but at a huge cost.

After realizing the new changes his people had undergone, he felt the name of Twili for his people was most fitting especially now. (The name used to just refer to the People living in the Realm) He rallied his new, monstrous troops and was finally able to lower his which his people were frightened but then...nothing happened. The constant flow of Eternal Twilight they feared before had become nothing but a gentle breeze to them now, which elated the sentient members of the Kingdom and especially Darbus since he knew his plan had worked. With this new drive, he set out to conquer the rest of the Realm and have them all undergo the same transformations to save them all, beginning The Second Great Uniting War.

After the war had ended, Darbus was the only monarch left standing, the others becoming leaders of their former kingdoms, now becoming provinces, and the Realm was safe again...or he had thought. The flow of Eternal Twilight was threatening the realm again and they needed a permanent solution to diffuse the situation. This took 4 centuries to accomplish, with the kingdom thriving as best it could, and it's people evolving over time to become more accustomed to their forms. The armies became more advanced, with the Twilits regaining their minds and manners, remembering their purposes and losing their more impulsive instincts for more refined ones. Darbus and Midna, meanwhile, were working with the scientists to figure out some way to stem the ever flowing Twilight so that the realm could be saved permanently when they stumbled onto the notes of Darbus' father, Corelion detailing his research into removing the Eternal Twilight from their Realm and he had come to only one link the Twilight Realm and the Light World permanently through the use of the Mirror of Twilight and it's equal in their realm the Mirror of Light but he could never figure out how to do this from their end so he traveled back to the Light World with Elibretha to experiment with the Mirror of Twilight to find a way to link the worlds.

Darbus was shocked, to finally find the reason why he was abandoned was so that his parents could save the world he inherited was a revelation of untold power. This filled him with a determination he hadn't felt since the Second Great Uniting War and pushed him to give an outlandish idea....He would travel in his fathers footsteps and go to the Light World and try to find his parents, should they even be alive, and help them in bridging their two worlds and save his own. Finding the Mirror of Light in the temple linked to the Royal Palace, he took along 2 of his Elite Guardians, 8 Shadow Beasts, and 10 Twilit soldiers and activated the Mirror to finally see the world his parents lived in for all this time. After arriving in the Light World, in what looked to be a similar temple as he was just in but left to fall to ruin, the Mirror of Twilight shattered, leaving only one shard behind for Darbus to keep with him. He arrived with only 5 of his Twilit Soldiers but would soon be joined by the rest of his group by the time he arrived in the nearest village, Sunagakure no Sato: The Village Hidden in the Sand.

Sunagakure Era

After a brief interruption trying to explain to the guards who he was, he finally got to meet up with one of the old leaders of the village, a man known as Chusaki Takaharu. Chusaki brought Darbus into the village, after a brief debate over why he was there, and agreed to bring him to his nephew Silver who was the current leader of the village so he could fully explain why he arrived to their realm. Before he could even meet with Silver, something occurred at the gate which halted his progress. A former villager, a woman named Harumaya, had returned at just the wrong time and had seen Darbus' Twilits at the main gate and had gotten the wrong idea. She turned hostile very quickly, not giving the Twilits any time to try and calm her down, but thankfully they were able to relay a quick message to Darbus who darted back out of the village (kicking up a wind that sent Silver's spiders flying everywhere) and right in front of his squadron to try and quell the situation.

Luckily for him, Chusaki showed up not long afterward and helped calm Harumaya down, avoiding a confrontation and putting Darbus' mind at ease. During the conflict, Darbus also took some readings using the technology embedded in his eyes that clued him into something odd which was later confirmed by Chusaki. Harumaya was once infected by a being named Serean, turning her into a creature heavily resembling Darbus and his Twilits, which was why she became so hostile at the sight of them. This clued Darbus into what his data had implied, that she was carrying some form of infection but he chose not to tell this information to Chusaki until such a time was right. After finally getting back on track, Darbus finally met with Silver to explain why he was there.

Unfortunately, the speedy antics of Darbus in the village had put Silver in a bad mood. As Darbus began to explain his background and why he was in the Light World, he could tell that Silver wasn't buying any of what he was saying and that he wasn't in a very good mood. After the conversation going nowhere, even after Darbus warned him of the Eternal Twilight possibly leaking into their realm and managing to get some useful information about this Serean situation, Silver decided to leave abruptly with his son Jace. Leaving Darbus alone in the office with Chusaki, who was far more willing to listen to what Darbus had to say, Darbus was able to fully explain the situation. He told Chusaki of the data he'd gotten from scanning Harumaya, how he even obtained the data in the first place, and why he was searching for people closely connected to his father. He then handed off a communication ring to him so he could keep in touch and shook Chusaki's hand, obtained both a map and compass from him, and decided it was best to leave as soon as possible to avoid any more potential confrontations like before. Leaving the village in search of the Land of Farms mentioned in his fathers journal.

Encounter in the Forest

A few days after leaving the village of Sunagakure, Darbus and his Twilits decided to stop in the clearing of a forest just beyond the borders of the Land of Winds to start some needed training. Unbeknownst to them, a young woman by the name of Yuri had been travelling the very same forest and happened across their training session. After a series of events that caused Darbus to go crashing into Yuri, they eventually became brief friends. Yuri herself was fascinated by Darbus' ability to almost instantaneously heal without a second thought, and Darbus was intrigued to learn that she actually knew about his father. After some talking, and a confrontation with some bounty hunters searching for Yuri, she eventually told Darbus exactly where to find the Land of Farms and people who knew his father more closely than she did. Darbus thanked Yuri, handed her a symbol of his Royal Family which also acted as a signal for his Twilits to protect her any time she used it, and then set off on his way after the Twilit Scouts found the straightest path to Sakuragakure, the new home of many of the citizens of the Land of Farms.

After a few days of travelling, Darbus and Yuri had yet another encounter while he was travelling the main roads. She spoke to him about a person named Corrine, someone Corelion's Journal briefly mentioned as his one-time student from days gone past. Darbus, not one to skip a beat, realized that she wasn't even out here searching for him and instead she got herself lost looking for something. He had a laugh then instructed one of his scouts to help Yuri look for whatever she needed then rejoin the group further down the road. They both said their goodbyes and returned to their previous tasks.

Stay in the Land of Cherry Blossoms

After finally finding his way through the many difficult forests and defenses of Sakuragakure no Sato, Darbus finally made it to the main gate of the village. Encountering the guards and explaining to them that he wished to join their village he was allowed inside but was forced to leave his Twilits outside the gates as additional defenses while he went inside the barrier to apply for a citizenship. After maneuvering his way through the village with the help of one of the guards he encountered, he finally got the Village Center and put in his application. Surprisingly, he was accepted and processed quite quickly and was assigned as a Shinobi, something he'd only heard of in passing but compared it to the Assassins of his home realm so it made...a bit more sense to him.

He walked out, fastening the headband they gave him to his left arm, looking it over before grabbing his key and tucking it away in his coat. He then realized he hadn't actually eaten since he arrived in the Light World and decided to stop by a nearby cafe to grab something to eat. To his surprise, and joy, he found out that the cafe was owned and operated by two people who personally knew his father, Saskia and Oboro from the Land of Farms! After a brief exchange with Saskia, he found out that she indeed had one of the Link Shards he needed to restore the Mirror of Twilight, which caused him to jump up from his seat but then remember he had no clue how to safely extract said Link Shards. After regaining his composure, he remembered why he was there and opted to actually buy something with some money he was given by someone he'd helped on his way to the village....Meat Buns, something he learned his father was into as well, and something he hadn't eaten in a couple centuries due to his cousin Midna banning them in the Castle out of annoyance.

After devouring the Meat Buns he was able to also meet Oboro and finally was able to introduce himself properly to them both. After introductions, he thought of a way for him to earn a living on the side while he searched for the people he was told were in this village, including this Mia person who seemed far closer to his father than pretty much this Mienai person Saskia told him about but nobody knew where she'd gone off to. He actually asked to begin working at the cafe, and was quickly accepted to help them...But he was told he couldn't actually start working until the next day.

After over 2 months of work at the cafe, Darbus got pretty much used to the daily routine. He created new clothing to wear that limited his speed and enhanced his bands to the point of creating a new function to restore his form to his original version from before the eternal Twilight. He'd become fast friends with both Oboro and Saskia, and on the day before his new mission, he took it upon himself to come to the shop and ask Saskia to allow him to leave for a few days. After entering he spotted Oboro and greeted her before noticing Saskia cleaning a tub in the back of the building in quite the revealing kimono, almost bordering on purely indecent. He couldn't help himself and sauntered over to the tub, leaning into the tub itself and scaring Saskia to the point she lost her footing and fell into the tub in a less than flattering position.

He and Oboro helped Saskia out of the tub and Darbus attempted to dry her off using one of the functions of his bands as an air dryer but Oboro stopped him thinking Saskia had been covered in juice rather than soapy water. After some teasing, Darbus asked his question and Saskia obliged, telling him to do his work for the day as he changed into his uniform and went about cleaning up the kitchen since they weren't busy.

Journey to find his extended family

After setting off from Sakuragakure, Darbus immediately headed toward the city known as Uzushiogakure in search of his newly discovered Uncle, Jay Nara. He didn't know much of Jay aside from him living in said city so he decided the best course of action was to go there personally to find him. Flanked by his two Royal Guards, Darbus arrived at the Uzushiogakure Entry Port without too much delay, in about 6 days. He stopped at the main guard gate for the port out of courtesy and handed over his identification card to prove his identity.


Darbus civillian
Darbus civillian human mode

Darbus is a strange being not of this world, in fact being the Prince of the Twilight Kingdom. This Twilight Kingdom seems to be a world mirrored to the current on, and he has since reigned as their ruler for centuries.

His skin is a two-toned shade of pale blue and bluish black markings littering his body, though most are hidden beneath his clothes. Also hidden are most of the green energy currents flowing all over his body in jagged edged lines constantly pulsating with said energy. His hair is also strange, as it isn't actually hair at all, in fact it's energy formed into the shape of hair which is evident by the slowly flowing traces of yellow and silver energy seen throughout. His attire is, fittingly, both royal and simple with a lopsided two-toned trenchcoat, simple dark blue pants, a silver pauldron with tassels, four golden bands (One on his left bicep and three on his right forearm), and strange winged shoes also pulsing with the green energy in his body.

When in his civilian attire (while not doing official business either for the Twilight Realm), Darbus wears a relatively normal set of clothing.

His trenchcoat is replaced by a short, sleeveless, two-toned Maroon hoodie with fur around the shoulders, a grey, past-waist length, turtleneck tanktop with a belt around his waist over it, Maroon colored variants of his normal baggy pants, and the same shoes he wears in his Princely outfit.

With the creation of his new "Human Mode" illusion technology he can alter his appearance and textures to the outside world. He is able to basically return to how he appeared before the Eternal Twilight which removes all his markings, returns his sclera to white, reverts the energy that comprises his hair back to normal lime-colored hair, and reverts his iris to a solid lime green as opposed to the more recent two-toned green and yellow.


Darbus is an odd individual, most of the time being quite upbeat and endearing to any who meet him. He's eager to learn of the Light World and how it's different from his home Realm. This eagerness is not without fault, however, as he can sometimes get so eager that he winds up learning everything extremely quickly then being unable to do much else. Despite his appearance he's quite jolly and upbeat, in a more innocent sense than anything else. He's ignorant to a lot of customs Light Worlders see as normal, like couples and relationships outside simple cousin relationships and royal handlers, leading him to seem even more odd than his appearance would allow. He's also quite outgoing, willing to openly speak with anyone who peaks his attention.

More of a tactician than a direct fighter, he's more suited to giving orders than performing them. Not to say he can't, it's just more difficult for him since his mind runs wild with every opportunity and outcome that he winds up forgetting what he was supposed to be doing and how. He'll remember it quickly enough though it's quite inconvenient for things like his job where he's so much faster than regular Light Worlders, that he winds up finishing in a split instant and not knowing what to do afterward.


  • Darbus is the Prince of the Twilight Realm, something he openly admitted to help in his search for the person he came to the Light World looking for.
  • Darbus seems to be the commander of his own army, as shown by the fact that the monsters he's accompanied by follow his orders without a second thought, including the larger Bodyguards which easily outsize him.
  • Darbus, despite looking relatively young, is actually centuries old, since time in the Twilight Realm flows almost at a more random rate than the Light World.
  • Darbus is unique amongst most of the Light World's inhabitants in the fact that he actually has no Chakra at all. He has Energy, like all of the Twili, which is only similar to Natural Chakra on the surface level. This make him immune to almost every chakra-altering ability but also creates a problem wherein he cannot learn ninjutsu unless he gets a transplant to be able to control chakra.
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