Aaron Yugure

  • Darkshinobi



Astrological Sign Scorpio November 13


Gender Male Male

Blood type


Kekkei Genkai

Shijousha Hadami

"Konohagakure" is not in the list of possible values (Allied Shinobi Forces, Akatsuki, Root) for this property.
Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure



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Basic Information

Aaron "Darkshinobi" Yugure (ユグレ ユグレ) is an elder of Konohagakure no Sato and the previous Jinchūriki of Son Gokū, known otherwise as the Yonbi no Saru. He is an S rank shinobi, and the first ever ANBU Sōtaichō.


The Ballad Of Darkshinobi

Born into the great village from a modest clan,

He began upon a path that would exceed his lifespan;

The blood of the tiger was in him since the day he began;

Destined to be a ninja, he rose quickly through the arts;

As he learned from both animal and man, he soon surpassed the charts;

He reached acknowledgement within the first decade,

And, christened a shinobi, Dark began his crusade;

Years flew by as he served in the name:

A shadow serving to brighten the flame;

In time, he grew to a degree of fame;

The Yondaime came to herald him as a student;

Under his tutelage, the teenager became even more prudent; He was the heir to Tomi's greatest secret;

Boundless, spaceless, infinite;

From this blessing, he learned the secrets of the rite,

And the power born from an ancient night;

He became the second ANBU captain,

It was then he cast off the name of Aaron;

To all but a select few;

Darkshinobi was the name that rang true.

A Dark Contract

A prophecy foretold with an ending yet to unfold,

He gained the power of an ancient being;

Son Gokūwas now bound to his very soul;

This contract left him with much more to control;

Yet the blessing was not without it's toll.

They warred, deep within the mind;

An otiose battle that sought to unwind;

Until, in his rage, the human opined,

And the demon finally resigned:

The frightening power of Lava at his disposal,

He came to the beast with a great proposal:

They could destroy eachother and accomplish naught,

Or function as one and overcome any onslaught.

Thus the two began to train;

Their tactics considered most arcane,

Yet they refused to abstain;

For their goal, they knew they would attain:

A higher form of teamwork than one could generally retain.

Yet, as time raged on and enemies came,

Darkshinobi knew they'd garnered too much fame;

Destiny necessitated the severance of their conjoined fate;

To remain would simply allow death to precipitate;

And the creature was too important to simply be bait;

So, knowing it would spell the end,

Dark said farewell to his friend.

It was gone for an ally to control,

And he was seemingly consumed by the hole.

A Circle Begins Again

Several months removed, he was seen wandering the plain,

As though death itself had no lasting domain;

It, too, began to wane;

He came, at last, to the village gates,

To see what future still awaits;

Only this, can one proclaim:

The man that returned is not the same.

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