Death Technique: Dance of the Sacred Lotus

Crystal Explosion





Shijutsu: Hachisu no Mai

Literal English

Death Technique: Dance of the Sacred Lotus

English TV

Deadly Jutsu: Lotus Dance


Appears in

Anime only



Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai






All ranges


  • Kyōya Kaguya
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One of Kyōya Kaguya's most powerful and potent techniques, almost a certain kill technique, honed after intensive training in the manipulation of his own bone structure and the manipulation of osteoblast and osteoclast cells through the Kekkei Genkai Shikotsumyaku. Upon the generation of bones to appear out of the body, Kyōya can break down these bones to very fine particles that are capable of levitating in air with the assistance of chakra. The particles of bone, encased in chakra are then attracted to an opponent's given chakra signature, and as such will gravitate towards said opponent, assisted by a mixture of chakra levitation and wind currents to help fuel the bone particles' travel through air, too small to be picked out individually by the naked eye unless one is specifically concentrating on just finding these particles. These particles are also fine enough to be inhaled or otherwise ingested without any irritation, allowing it to pass through one's lungs/mouth without the specified target even noticing. Due to these grains being coated in a layer of chakra as well as the special density composition of the bones, these grains can spend up to three hours within an opponent's bloodstream without being worn down or otherwise negatively affected by bodily fluids. Upon Kyōya's formation of the Tiger handseal, the true lethal nature of this technique comes to light. The regrowth of the bone particles within the body will be drastically accelerated remotely at Kyōya's will. The rapidly regenerating bone particles will grow in size and branch out inside the body of the victim, essentially allowing Kyōya to rip their opponent apart from the inside out as the added bones inside the body will overcrowd the body's capacity, the sharp ends poking their way to the surface, tearing the opponent apart.

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