Defensive Armor

Gou(Knight Armor)


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Defensive Armor


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  • Goū
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Goū's defensive armor is hidden carefully under his robes. The material that they are made out of are both durable and sturdy. This armor is capable of withstanding great amounts of heat without causing Goū any harm. Another trait of this armor is that it is made of titanium, making almost all melee attacks weak against it. The titanium has also been chakra infused to stop all Sharingan users from reading his muscle movements. Part of his armor is also the forearm guards that have hidden in them the Retractable Shield and Blade. The armor together, without the forearm guards weighs about close to 200lbs.

When not in 'combat mode', the armor is capable of hiding Gou's extremely large chakra pool and making him seem like nothing more than your average Shinobi.

Updated Version

This armor was made specifically to compliment Gou's unique chakra. Upon the back rests four small switches that can only be released by his own chakra and when he is wearing the armor. This allows him to contain and hold away the chakra of the other four hearts and it is also where he hides the Senjutsu that his Sennika abilities absorb. With his own chakra, he can release these one at a time and not only help him control the amount of Senjutsu chakra coursing his body at once but it also lets him have several refills. These canisters mimic the way masks are used for normal Jiongu users, in the simpliest of terms, just granting him more control over the distribution. The only way to remove the armor would be to either seal Gou's chakra or to have him remove it and since sealing one's chakra is impossible with armor in the way, the latter is the safest bet. These armor's durability is enough to contain a raging Sennika Sage from the inside and to handle all of the chakra that the man with the chakra of five Kages powered by Senjutsu can release. Overall, this armor allowed Gou to become an impenetrable fortress.

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