Desert Acre Monastery

Desert Acre Monastery hidden in the desert of Wind Country.

[COPIED]A sacred monastery village, just as hidden as Sunagakure. It is said that it's not even on a map, and the only way to find it is to already know where it is. Of course this was a myth spread by the monks themselves to protect them from anybody looking for them. The civilians there live in relative peace. They have no fears of any bandits or even ninjas that wish to ruin there era of peace. Though they do have petty criminals like any other population.

The Monks

Shoten Symbol

Shoten symbol of the Monks.

Shoten, meaning Ascension, would be the name of the group of warrior monks that preside over the monastery village.

The monks are the main source of protection. They deal with criminals, large desert scorpions, armadillos and the occasional vulture that wish to feed on live flesh.

They serve as some of the heads of the police force along with willing and capable civilians.


Hachimans Crest

Hachiman's Crest.

The monks of the village are trained in Togakure-Ryu and worship the God Hachiman. They specialize in the use of Telekinesis and their highest form of hierarchy is the grand-master of the monastery.

The economy of the sacred village is the same as any ordinary village spread throughout the continent. The have trades routes going into the neighboring villages of River Country. Fresher water, fruits, vegetables, and healthy animals are harvested by the monks and transported back to the monastery, via storage seals.

Although they live in the desert, a sort of zoo resides in a section of the monastery. Besides most of the monks that are mostly vegetarian, the members of Shoten are not. Their marks give them a sort of approval to eat meat once again.

The civilians have a similar set up in a special building of theirs, guarded by monks in protection from an assortment of desert wolves.


Desert Armor

Shoten special uniforms.

The monk's of the village have been trained to always wear their special uniforms.

The armor is made up of various different types of protection, though the entire ensemble is reinforced with density seals.

These seals hardens the material of their armor to make it as strong as solid steel, while keeping it as light as it's original weight.


Dove Pair

Dove Summons.

Each and every monk of Desert Acre Monastery has signed the summoning contract for Doves.

While the doves have no special fighting abilities, they are used for messaging.

Members of Shoten has infused their chakra inside of their special familiar. This has given those special doves the ability to talk and transfer the user's chakra back in times of need.

Flock of Doves

Familiar summons at work.

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