Divine Mechanization Technique






Kami Kikaika no Jutsu

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Art of Divine Mechanization


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Rinnegan Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu


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  • Tobias
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Art of Divine Mechanization is a highly advanced, forbidden ninjutsu which allows Tobias to transmute organic matter into nanoscopic machines known as Nanites. This is the very jutsu that Tobias used to transform himself from a mere man, into something far greater. A human-machine hybrid. A Semi-mechanical being, or Seimech for short. In addition to allowing him to convert organic matter into his nanites, he is also able to perform this conversion in the opposite direction - transforming his nanites into flesh and blood so that he may assume his human form once again.


Rather than granting the ability to augment their body by summoning mechanized armor and mechanical weaponry, which is the standard use of the Asura Path, this technique augments his body by converting and integrating mechanical and biomechanical components and weaponry into it. This is accomplished through highly complex atomic transmutation, a process that prompts the nanites themselves to alter their atomic structure to assume the identity of the particular substance that Tobias desires to create. This, however, is limited to substances that Tobias has a prodigious understanding of, such as his own flesh and bone. It can also be achieved by producing nanites which congregate and assume any shape and function as he desires. By releasing his nanites into the surroundings, Tobias is able to use the nano-machines as an extension of his own body, akin to how Gaara uses his Sand.

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