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Angry Demons (怒鬼, Doki)


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The Doki are three beings summoned by Mikoto and Genesis. Their eyes and ears are covered and their mouths are sewn shut, a reference to the three wise monkeys. By playing specific melodies on a Demonic Flute, one can control them, each melody causing them to perform different actions.


Each demon is different in appearance and each wields a different weapon. One wears a dark green full-body suit and its hair covers its entire head and face. It wields a giant metal club. The other is shirtless and wears dark pants. It is bald and has scars on its head, and it wears a blindfold. It has a thorn-like weapon tied to each arm. The other has its upper body covered in bandages and wears brown pants. Its head is in an awkward position and has several needles pinned on it. It doesn't have arms and thus it doesn't wield any weapon. Each demon has a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around its waist, like common Otogakure shinobi.


The Doki are incredibly strong and fast. In addition, one can use their flute song to force open their mouths to release many-mouthed, worm-like creatures that consist almost entirely of spiritual energy, making them impossible to hit. These "spirit worms" are attracted to physical energy, and absorb it on contact, allowing them to weaken an opponent. The Doki can be sent away if necessary, by making a half ram seal.

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