editDragon Oasis

Dragon moon

{COPIED}The Oasis is far away from Sunagakure to the south east,yet still in reach. Nothing is around it but the hot and scorching sand of the country of the wind. It is a zone of transition zone between the sand and the salt flats. A mere human wouldn't be able to find the Oasis for it is cloaked by a mirage, cast by the dragons themselves. This mirage was created to keep themselves save from dragon slayers and general bothersome visitors. Behind the mirage, however, is a vast lush forest around a big oasis, some, but not all dragons live there and watch over Suna. Those that walk through the illusion whilst it is up will most likely be lost wandering until they die of exposure. There is a crystal clear lake at the center. Most likely this is one of Wind Country's most closely guarded secrets.

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