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  • Yūmei Luenah
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Practitioners of this Sage Mode native to signers of the Dragon contract greatly bolster their potentials in various disciplines. However due to the occasional relocation of dragonkind in the past with practitioners learning it at different times and diverse contexts, there exists numerous variations.

Characteristics practitioners boast vary depending on the individual, their present potential and alignment. Yūmei Luenah who has perfected this state for instance possesses piercing purple eyes, with an overall design resembling those of a dragon's.

Tenryūji Variation


Senjutsu which can also be studied from the dragons of Tenryūji also gain a number of advantages while using Sage Mode in battle, these include:


  • The user's physical strength, speed, stamina, elemental resistances, and durability dramatically increase.
  • The user's ninjutsu and taijutsu become more powerful.
  • The user gains the ability to sense chakra around them.


  • The user can harness the natural energy in the surrounding environment to increase attack and technique range.
  • The user may sprout dragon familiars from their back resembling eastern dragons (with a maximum of two capable of stretching considerable lengths), which can passively absorb natural energy and mold senjutsu chakra for the user to later access. These dragons boast strong scales, and generally without an underbelly to penetrate are extremely difficult to destroy. If they are destroyed, they can be discarded where they dislocate from the user's back and rapidly disintegrate, allowing the user to sprout new ones.
  • The user's chakra absorption techniques can regulate out the harmful properties of foreign chakra through the maws of dragon mediums they may sprout, though these mediums remain susceptible to their effects. They may still be easily disposed of and replaced at a moment's notice. 
  • The user can transmute the properties of abilities normally intransmutable, though their effects are limited.
  • The user can sprout wings.


  • Those untrained in this particular version of Sage Mode are induced with numerous illnesses such as severe spasms, nausea, brain damage, lung cancer and hysteria at varying degrees depending on the amount of dragon-attuned senjutsu chakra they absorb, with mental breakage the worst case scenario.
  • High physical strength and constitution are required in order to properly support the dragon familiars. A lack of them can lead to the hampering of speed, as well as the user's occasional falling on their backside due to the excessive weight.
  • Due to the manipulation of natural energy in the surrounding environment in some cases leading to the exhaustion of it, can leave the user with too little to work with in order to produce enhanced versions of certain techniques, and otherwise weaken them at varying scales.
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