Dungeons within the Great Walls that surround Sunagakure and lie beneath.

[COPIED]For those unhappy individuals who find themselves conscripted 'guests' of Sunagakure no Sato , the dungeons offer a wide variety of delights. There are the open population wards, where the inhabitants of this underground world commingle sharing the vast experiences with one another to the delight of all, save the weakest among them. The privileged members of this congregation, have lavished upon them spa treatment under the skilled hands of the desert's finest interrogators. Such individuals are often house in single occupancy dwellings. Those who excel even beyond the privileged few, are treated to the finest suits known as oubliettes. Here the aesthetic one can forget about life's woes and concentrate his meditations upon more esoteric concerns. This marvelous resort is accessed through the numerous tunnels beyond the guard stations with in the cliff walls themselves.

The walls of the prison are coated with a layer of unique chakra which prevents sensor nin from "locating" captured allies or comrads.

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