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Eclipse of the Netherworld





Meikai no Nisshoku

Literal English

Eclipse of the Netherworld



Jashin Symbol Hiden, Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu, Space–Time Ninjutsu




All ranges

Hand seals

Technique specific hand seal


  • Angra Mainyu
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Angra Mainyu generates a Bounded Field, concealing the sky of the area/zone he is situated within to be concealed by an eternal night. This shift in cycles is only present within the field, if outside the field, it is entirely undetectable to sensory techniques and appears transparent to external onlookers. Inside however either of the two are fundamentally impossible to conceal.

The moon or sun, whichever is the dominant producer of light in the sky, is concealed by a formless replicate which silhouette's the original body in darkness at the apex of the summit. This is what may be considered, an Eclipse, although the haunting surroundings cause the vicinity to resemble the realm of darkness, the Netherworld, enabling the technique to live up to its name. Whenever Angra Mainyu leaks blood within the boundary field, it will slowly expand into a miniature pool of darkness, enabling a seemingly-endless horde of Gen'ei to flood into the area. Additionally if he plants chakra into a mound, it will due to the 'blood' eclipse be shaped to correspondingly form a 'mountain' of Gen'ei.

This technique may only be ended upon Angra Mainyu's request.